Who’s That Kid? It’s Megan Fitzgerald, GSB ‘17


Megan Fitzgerald, GSB ‘17, has lived in three different countries and four states. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)


Megan Fitzgerald, GSB ‘17, has lived in three different countries and four states. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)
Megan Fitzgerald, GSB ‘17, has lived in three different countries and four states. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)

Whether she’s traveling the world, in goal for Fordham’s Division I soccer team or simply hanging out with her friends, Megan Fitzgerald’s, GSB ‘17, smile, laugh and love for life are impressively contagious.

Megan attributes her bubbly and charismatic personality to her experiences growing up. Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Megan has lived in three different countries and, soon-to-be, four different states. From Portugal to Argentina to Connecticut to Maryland, then back to Connecticut, soon to Rhode Island and now in New York, Megan is well-acquainted with meeting people around the globe.

Until she was in sixth grade, Megan had never had the opportunity to stay in the same school for more than a year. Fitting with her usual sunny outlook on life, Megan views her global upbringing as a positive influence in her life. Growing up with constant moving has made her “comfortable and used to meeting new people. I had to learn how to make friends quickly.”

Despite her family’s constant moving, there are some aspects that have remained constant in Megan’s life.  Naturally athletic, Megan has played softball, basketball, lacrosse, swimming and horseback riding, yet her main sport has always been soccer. This year, she kicked off her college career as a Division I goalie for the Fordham women’s soccer team.

At the young age of eight, Megan’s height, currently five-foot-11-inches, had already started to stand out, and her coaches began to send her out onto the field as goalie. “I didn’t mind it at all,” Megan laughed. “No matter what position I was playing on the field, I would always run back and defend the goal. It just feels natural to me.”

It was not a surprise that Megan decided to play at the collegiate level. “Since I have been playing competitive soccer my whole life, it feels like a natural continuation. I love soccer and coming into college knowing I would be part of something immediately was a plus.”

In addition to her love of soccer, Megan’s passion for travel has stuck with her. In the past few years she has been to Ireland, Spain, England, the Bahamas, Mexico and Portugal for the second time. This year she has plans to go to Scotland and to her favorite place she’s traveled, Ireland, for the third time.

Megan’s love for Ireland goes beyond the fact that it is part of her heritage. “The people are so friendly and you can just spend time with people in the small towns and get a feel for the way they live. It is beautiful and the landscape is so calming,” she describes.

Megan’s favorite part of traveling is “learning about the different cultures and getting to experience the history of each place first-hand.” She also makes a point to bravely try new foods in each place she visits.

Although she is currently an undecided major in the Gabelli School of Business, Megan is looking to pick a career path that will feed into her love of travel.

She is considering a concentration in international business and a minor in Spanish.

Only a second-semester freshman, Megan has already mastered juggling a full course load and an intense soccer schedule, all while planning to continue her endeavors as a world-traveler. Her ambition is impressive, and leaves one to wonder what great things she will accomplish in her next three years at Fordham.

Felicia Czochanski is Assistant Opinion Editor at The Fordham Ram.