Honor Society: Serendipity



The band Honor Society, a group of four young rockers, has just released their EP SerendipitySerendipity is the band’s third extended play album, along with their two full albums. This particular EP contains five songs. True to their roots as the Jonas Brother’s opening act, the songs in this set revolve around love.

The title track, “Serendipity,” is reminiscent of a Bruno Mars song with a peppy beat and quirky lyrics. On the other end of the spectrum, the track “House on a Hill” is  darker and focuses on the different scenarios of struggle. All the tracks are catchy and have cutes, well written lyrics, in addition to skillful guitar hooks.

Because Honor Society is not playing on radio stations like KC 101 or Z100, they have a little more artistic license when it comes to creating their music.  Most of the songs include metaphors about love, but they are not the used-up and cliché ones.

For example, my favorite song on their EP Kaleidoscope relates love to, you guessed it, a kaleidoscope! Although people may argue that this is not the most accurate depiction of love, at least it is more inventive than the generic love metaphors being churned out on Top-40 radio stations.

At $4.99 on iTunes I would suggest this album for anyone who would like to buy a One Direction CD but is too embarrassed to admit it. Serendipity is a fun and eclectic collection of pop-rocks song that appeals to the boy-band fan in all of us.