One Direction’s ‘Take Me Home’ in Review



Calling all Directioners! Last week, UK pop sensation One Direction released its brand new album Take Me Home, only eight months after their first album, Up All Night, came out and went multiplatinum. Upon coming to the United States a year after finishing third on“The X Factor: UK,” One Direction has quickly stolen the hearts of teens and young women across the country.

It can be easily predicted that Take Me Home will achieve the same, if not greater, success than their first album did, especially since One Direction’s legion of screaming fans has been rapidly growing for the past year.

Many of their songs show a more mature side, especially “Change My Mind” and “Little Things,” two stripped-down acoustic tracks which fully showcase the band members’ smooth vocals. This new album also has a much more diverse collection of songs than the first album did.  However, the lead single, “Live While We’re Young,” has a very similar melody to that of One Direction’s smash hits “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing.” Thankfully, “Little Things” will be the second single from the album. This will give radio-listeners who might not have purchased the whole album a chance to hear a different side of the band.

Take Me Home clearly shows that One Direction is here to stay. Look out for their tour starting this winter.