A Guide For Your Grocery Shopping Needs

Modern Food Center is one of several grocery stores close to campus. (Elizabeth Zanghi/The Ram)

By Robert Frerich

If dining hall food has already become unappealing, Fordham is fortunate to be a neighbor to many grocery stores and markets that can make your dreams of cooking a meal in your dorm a reality.

Compare Foods (421 E. 189th St. –Fordham Plaza)

Compare is one of the largest grocery stores around Fordham and offers a much larger selection of canned, dry and frozen foods at a more reasonable price than many surrounding stores. Compare’s produce selection is rather limited and typically of lower quality than other stores, but for the basics you cannot go wrong. Bonus: Compare also has a deli in the front of its store.

Modern Foods Center (2385 Arthur Ave.) 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

Modern seems to be a Fordham staple for groceries; however, it lacks selection. Modern has excellent produce and cheeses, but its dry goods are sorely lacking. Though the store is clean and staff friendly, its location in relation to campus is a drawback for residents. Modern’s small size does not give space for a deli counter and, in combination with the higher prices, is not your best option for groceries.

C-Town Supermarket (688 Crescent Avenue) Mon.–Sat. 7:30 a.m. –8 p.m.

C-Town is the largest grocery store in the Fordham area, but lacks typical grocery store selection. Marketing more to Hispanic tastes, its products are not necessarily what you would expect to find at a grocery store, but its international options beat those of other grocery stores in the area. It also carries a decent selection of frozen and canned foods, though not as extensive as Compare Foods. Its location at the end of Arthur Avenue also makes it a far trek for those on campus.

Arthur Avenue Market  (2344 Arthur Ave.)

Home to the Bronx Beer Hall, this space contains one of the coolest Italian markets around. For the best selection of meat and Italian oddities, this market is by far the best choice for fresh, reasonably-priced food. The market also carries a great selection of fresh produce often directly from the growers. Extensive produce and Italian meat specialties define this marketplace.

Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles (E. 187th St. and Hughes Ave.)

For the highest quality pasta around Fordham, you can never go wrong with Borgatti’s. Family- owned since 1935, The New York Times and others have called it the best pasta in New York City. Famous for their large ricotta ravioli and fresh egg noodles, the pasta is always fresh and delicious. Its limited hours are a drawback for Fordham students since it closes at 5 p.m.

Teitel Brothers (2372 Arthur Ave.)

Teitel Brothers carries Jewish and Italian specialties, ranging from some of the best olive oils to gourmet cheeses and pasta. One of the oldest remaining stores on Arthur Avenue, dating back to 1915, Teitel Brothers is a must-visit for serious cooks and Italian cuisine fans alike.

Calabria Pork Store (2338 Arthur Ave.)

Calabria Pork Store is famous for Italian sausages and has been proclaimed the “bourough’s sausage king” by SeriousEats.com. If you dream of anything sausage, Calabria has it. Calabria also sells a delicious Italian version of  pâté , good on almost anything.

Biancardi’s (2350 Arthur Ave.)

Biancardi’s is another great deli on Arthur Avenue that sells Boar’s Head cold cuts at a reasonable price. If available, San Daniele-brand cold cuts are excellent on sandwiches and are of a higher quality than the ubiquitous Boar’s Head. This deli also sells excellent pancetta (italian-style bacon) and freshly-butchered meats.

Casa Della Mozzarella Deli (604 E. 187th St.)

Casa Della Mozzarella is one of my favorite places to go on Arthur Avenue. Self-described as “the best mozzarella in New York City,” its claim just may be true. My favorite products are its prosciutto-infused mozzarella balls, bocconcini and imported parmigiano-reggiano cheeses.

Calandra’s (2314 Arthur Ave.)

Calandra’s is known for its large selection of cheese that some students argue is better than Casa Della Mozzarella. The two stores’ distinct selections complement each other, so there is no shame in stopping by both stores to fit your cheese needs. If you give Calandra’s a day’s notice, they will make fresh mozzarella specifically to your liking. Take advantage of this.

Cerini Coffee (2334 Arthur Avenue)

For fresh and specialty coffee grounds and espresso, you cannot go wrong with Cerini’s Coffee, which imports its selection from Europe and South America in dozens of varieties and blends.

Madonia Bakery (2348 Arthur Ave.)

Personally, this is my favorite bakery on Arthur Avenue. It bakes up a delicious, addicting olive bread. For any and all types of bread, Madonia is your place. Tip: They also serve excellent, freshly-filled cannolis.

Terranova Bakery (691 E. 187th St.)

Known as the people who supply Tino’s with its heroes, this relatively unknown bakery is also an excellent option.  Terranova’s sourdough and cicola breads are always fresh and delicious. This bakery also beats its competition in terms of overall selection, but is rather far from campus.

Cosenza’s Fish Market (2354 Arthur Avenue)

Cosenza’s offers fresh fish and other seafood options at its small market in the middle of Arthur Avenue. Cosenza’s sells excellent oysters and features an open-air raw seafood bar. The New York Times featured this market in a 2009 review and gave it high praise.


Robert Frerich is the Assistant Copy Chief for The Fordham Ram. 


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