Off Campus Dining, Right at Your Front Door

By Megan Bronner

Food is great, but it is even better when you do not even have to go out to get it. If you are already over dining hall food, it is time to start taking advantage of all the great off-campus eateries that bring food to your door. Fordham is fortunate to have a variety of restaurants near campus. These restaurants are sure to leave you full and satisfied, and when you are done you can hop into your bed and let the food coma sink in. Here are just a few restaurants that you ought to try ordering from.


2477 Arthur Avenue

(718) 220-8355

If you are feeling extra hungry and want a quality meal, definitely order from Michelangelo’s. There is no doubt that the food is sure to please, but when you are ordering for delivery, they give salads with each meal and an ample amount of bread. Michelangelo’s may be on the expensive side, but getting food from here for delivery once in a while is worth it. Overall, the delivery itself does not take a long time and you get hearty amount of food.

Healthy Fresh

621 E. 187th Street

(718) 618-7200

After you have gorged yourself on Michelangelo’s, done some self-loathing and sworn you will never eat another carb again, it is time for a salad (ugh). Healthy Fresh has basically every food you could want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best thing about Healthy Fresh is the price — almost everything is under $10. The delivery is quick, and most importantly, the food is delicious.

Estrellita Poblana III 

2328 Arthur Avenue

(718) 518-7425

After you have had your monthly salad, it is time to eat a bucket of guacamole and a burrito in bed. Estrellita is a Fordham crowd favorite. Estrellita also gives you a decent amount of food, so it is always a good option when thinking about delivery. Once again, the food came on time and was worth every penny. You can have a mini fiesta in your dorm.

Umai Fusion 

2330 Arthur Avenue

(718) 933-3268

To continue your urge for international cuisine, Umai is a great option for inexpensive and quick delivery. Umai is always a good choice because of its extensive menu and its cost-effective lunch and dinner specials. Most importantly, the sushi is fresh so you cannot go wrong ordering from there.

Golden City 

2324 Arthur Avenue

(718) 562-5885

Having a good, reliable Chinese food delivery place is a college necessity. I suggest you give Golden City a try. I think the food quality is better than other Chinese restaurants in the Bronx that I have tried; it is not as greasy. Whenever I order from here, it is always delivered fairly quickly and the food is generally under $10.


387 E. Fordham Road


Primavera is quite similar to Healthy Fresh and just as good. The people who work here are so nice and Fordham students get a 10 percent discount. Primavera offers a variety of dishes at a reasonable price that is slightly more expensive than Healthy Fresh. Delivery is fast and efficient, and whatever you are in the mood for, Primavera is able to satisfy your cravings.

Pete’s Café

570 E. Fordham Rd.

(718) 733-7416

Delivery should not be restricted to dinner; treat yourself right and order breakfast every once in a while. I suggest ordering breakfast from Pete’s, considering they have most popular breakfast dishes. Pete’s is good quality but very affordable, and the delivery is fast. Its other items besides breakfast are also tasty, and the menu is extensive.


590 E. 191st Street

(718) 365-0327

I am pretty sure Pugsley’s saves lives and I would eat everything from here. Pugsley’s is a staple in every Fordham student’s diet, and ordering for delivery is a great way to satisfy your gustatory needs. The food is awesome and so is the price. You will not regret eating garlic knots and pizza in the comfort of your own room. Delivery from Pugsley’s is rather quick too.


Megan Bronner is a Staff Writer for The Fordham Ram. 


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