Fordham Professors Discuss Environment

The New York Botanical Garden will host an event entitled “Ethical Landscapes and Environmental Law.” Three Fordham professors will be in attendance. It will be held from 2-4 p.m. in the Mertz Library Room by the NYBG’s Humanities Institute. J. Alan Clark, Ph.D., associate professor of conservation biology, will contribute his knowledge on radar, acoustic recordings and flight tunnels in studying bird migration. His talk is entitled “Bird Migration Through Urban Landscapes.” Sheila Foster, Albert A. Walsh professor of Law and Faculty and co-director of the Urban Law Center at Fordham School of Law will detail urban development in her discussion entitled “The City as a Common Good.” Finally, Roger Panetta, visiting professor of history, will give a talk entitled “Whose Waterfront?” which details the renewal of the Brooklyn waterfront. The event is free but an online RSVP is encouraged.

Compiled by Michael Byrne and Theresa Schliep


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