USG Approves Three New Clubs

USG approves three new clubs (Andrea Garcia/The Fordham Ram)

USG approves three new clubs (Andrea Garcia/The Fordham Ram)

By Erin Shanahan

United Student Government at Fordham Rose Hill approved three more student clubs while tabling the approval of a fourth club, Rose Hill Film Society, at its first public meeting of the semester this past Tuesday. The three approved clubs include Comedy for a Cause, Albanian Society and the Philosopher’s Society Club.

Vice President of Operations, Doug Spring, FCRH ’17, presented The Rose Hill Film Society to the senate because the club’s members were unable to send a representative to attend the USG meeting. According to the club’s constitution, “The Rose Hill Film Society encourages a greater appreciation of the social, cultural and intellectual importance of cinema through the examination and discussion of cinematic works.” The club also plans to provide a forum for students to write, direct and produce their own original films.

However, there was no representative from the Rose Hill Film Society to field the senate’s questions. These questions mostly dealt with the club’s similarities to two pre-existing clubs: Images and Reach to Film. As a result of these unanswered questions, Senator Christine Phelan, FCRH ‘18, made a motion to table the vote. This was seconded by Vice President Brian Reardon, FCRH ’18.

Comedy for a Cause was presented to the senate by President Jack Byram, FCRH ’17. According to Byram, the club intends to use stand-up comedy to raise money for a charity of its choice through open-mics and other events. In addition, Comedy for a Cause will also try to hold larger events where professional comedians will be invited to perform.

“While there are other groups on campus that allow students an outlet to express their creativity, this club’s ultimate goal is to donate to organizations in need,” Byram said.

USG senate members asked the club to consider giving back to the local Bronx community through not only monetary means, but also through free entertainment in our neighborhood’s schools and parks. Ultimately, the senate motioned and approved the club. Only two senators opposed the motion and one senator abstained.

The Albanian Club at Fordham University was approved by the senate this past Thursday as well. According to its constitution, this club aims to promote an awareness and appreciation of Albanian culture by means of events that explore the social and cultural aspects of the Albanian heritage. The club strives to provide opportunities for others to learn about the historical and intellectual pursuits of Albanians through social events, networking opportunities and guest speakers. Specifically, the club plans to hold events to celebrate the independence days of Albania and Kosovo.

“Since there is a large Albanian population in the Bronx, our club aims to encourage community engagement amongst its members and the rest of the Fordham community.”

Anna Passero-Koennecke, FCRH ’18, presented the Philosopher’s Society for USG approval. According to its constitution, “The Philosophers’ Society is a group of concerned citizens who are dedicated to understanding the workings of the world, especially through the analysis of current events from a philosophical perspective.”

Passero-Koennecke explained that the main purpose of the club is to encourage students to integrate philosophical thought into students daily lives when considering current events, everyday situations and moral dilemmas. According to Passero-Koennecke, 33 people showed interest in coming to the next meeting. The club was approved by the senate unanimously. USG will be holding special elections at their next meeting. It hopes to fill two seats: Gabelli School of Business Senator for the class of 2017 and Fordham College Rose Hill Senator for the class of 2017.

USG will also be participating in Fresh Check Day. Vice President of Health and Security, Catherine Maccaro, spearheaded this event. Fresh Check Day is a program that was created by the Jordan Porco Foundation, in order to bring awareness to mental health resources on campuses. The event will be held on Friday, Jan. 27 in McGinley Second between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.



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