Pete’s Cafe Reopens Its Doors

(Courtesy of Owen Corrigan)

(Courtesy of Owen Corrigan)

By Ryan Quinn

After almost two years of no business, Pete’s Cafe has resumed its role in providing Fordham students with another option for eating out.

Once a popular destination, Pete’s Cafe was forced to close after a fire damaged the restaurant in March 2015. At the time, Pete Zervas, the owner of the building, said he expected the restaurant to be open within two weeks of the fire.

However, due to red-tape and the long wait for permits, Pete’s Cafe has faced delays opening, according to Ortencia Jimenez, who has owned Pete’s Cafe since 2012.

After reconstruction, ConEdison, the Fire Department and the Department of Health all had to inspect the new Pete’s Cafe. Cancellations and postponements on the part of the government agencies forced an even longer wait.

Now that the wait is over, students are excited.

Atmosphere is a major draw. Pete Taylor, FCRH ’17, said, “I’m…gonna[sic] be a regular for sure.”

Aside from the food, which he said is “a really great breakfast,” Taylor was especially excited for the black and white milkshake, which he said is a “must have.” Overall, Taylor praised Pete’s “quality, size and location,” situated on the corner of Hoffman Ave. and Fordham Rd.

All three friends agreed that the reopening could mean trouble for competing breakfast joints. “If I am Simon, I am terrified right now,” said Shea, a former employee of Simon’s Deli. “[Pete’s] does what they [Simon’s Deli] do but better.”

Matt Wolfe, GSB ’17, said Pete’s Cafe reminds him of the diners in his home state of New Jersey.

“I like this environment,” said Wolfe.

Molly Crawford, FCRH ’17, reported that she enjoyed the atmosphere at Pete’s Cafe.

“It’s got a good diner feel to it,” said Crawford.

Wolfe said that his go-to breakfast, eggs benedict, was not necessarily better at Pete’s Café than at M&G’s, another local diner, but came with a “better English muffin” and “a better dining environment.”

Phil Bedard, GSB ’17, enjoyed Pete’s Cafe prior to its fire, and is glad to see it open again.
“Pete’s is open,” said Bedard. “I’m happy.”

Bedard said he was certain that the quality of the food was “exactly the same,” as he ate his pancakes. Jimenez, said the menu is similar to the old menu with some additions, and that they are looking for dessert ideas to add to the menu. While there are some slight price increases, they are only by about $0.50.

Pete’s is open from 6 a.m.-10 p.m., providing longer hours than both M&G and M&G II , both of which close at 6 p.m. everyday but Sunday, when they close at 4 p.m.


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