Dining Out : Chirping Chicken



Chirping Chicken, situated on the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and W. 77th Street, was an unexpectedly pleasant place for my friend and me to enjoy lunch on a warm, sunny day. Upon walking to the Shake Shack located only a block or so away and noticing the long line slinking out the door, we decided to try somewhere new.

What first drew us to Chirping Chicken as we were walking down the street was definitely the spacious outdoor seating, which seemed perfect for enjoying the spring weather. We saw dozens of content customers sitting outside and munching on buffalo wings and chicken tenders, so we decided to try the place. When we walked inside, we quickly realized that Chirping Chicken offers much more than just chicken, and a large part of the menu board inside the restaurant was actually dedicated to homemade hamburgers and Greek dishes.

I settled on a cheeseburger with French fries while my friend ordered chicken souvlaki and grape leaves with sweet potato fries. Even with two bottled waters, the bill came in just below $30. Unexpectadly, the food is served on thick paper plates. Combined with the large selection of grilled foods and the expansive outdoor seating, it gave Chirping Chicken a casual, summery feel.

The cheeseburger, which I ordered medium-well, was excellent. It was the width of my hand, and the rest of the plate was piled with delicious, crispy fries. I tried some of my friend’s souvlaki, and it was also superb. The pita was soft and the grilled chicken was tasty and complemented the rice well. The grape leaves were also quite flavorful, although we were only given two small ones. One thing to note about eating at Chirping Chicken, though, is that the portions are huge. I was able to finish my burger, but could only eat a few of the fries. My friend ended up taking home most of her souvlaki. For the amount of food that we got, I considered the price to be reasonable.

At the tables surrounding us on the patio were couples on dates, families with small children, and older couples whose wheelchairs were easily accommodated by the outdoor tables. It was obvious that Chirping Chicken draws a diverse crowd, but it seemed to be predominantly family-oriented.

I was initially reluctant to try Chirping Chicken knowing that the enticing burgers of Shake Shack were only a few blocks away, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed my meal and the atmosphere of the restaurant. I recommend it as an alternative to other burger joints. Although the portions were large and it was a bit pricier than I anticipated, Chirping Chicken does have a much larger and more diverse menu than other burger joints. I had a wonderful experience overall and recommend that you give it a try if you are looking for a restaurant offering a summery experience and an abundance of cheap, scrumptious food.