Cheap and Delicious Restaraunts Do Exist in NYC


By Allison Russo

At the Rose Hill campus, we’re all spoiled by the amazing Italian food across the street on Arthur Avenue, thanks to our proximity to the real “Little Italy” of New York. Pizza of all flavors imaginable is available around the clock, pasta comes in too many shapes and sizes to count and every restaurant serves piles of crusty bread with garlic and olive oil. Unfortunately, I can’t let this high-carb diet become a lifestyle, so I’ve ventured to other boroughs in search of equally authentic, albeit lighter, fare.

One of my favorite restaurants in New York is Spice, a Thai restaurant with twelve locations in the city. Most items on their lunch menu are less than $10, and lunch entrees are served with a complimentary appetizer. The food is insanely delicious for the price, and the generous portions mean you definitely will not leave hungry. If you’re a lover of spicy food, Spice won’t fail to deliver. And if you prefer to live life on the mild side, they’re more than happy to alter the heat intensity of any of their made-to-order menu items.

All of their locations are on the smaller side, so making a reservation is highly recommended. The super laid-back atmosphere and trendy decor makes it perfect for a work lunch, and the constantly changing signature cocktail menu makes Spice a great happy hour spot for any day of the week.
I would start with the Vegetable Dumplings with Black Plum Sauce, which are the perfect balance of spicy filling and sweet dipping sauce. My favorite entree at Spice is the eggplant holy basil, which is basically a vegetable stir-fry (you can add meat or shrimp) in a perfectly spicy chili sauce, served with white sticky rice. If you’re in the mood for dessert after your meal, definitely go for the banana cheesecake rolls. This perfect combination of bananas and cheesecake filling wrapped in pastry is served with vanilla bean ice cream, and is perfect to split with your friends.

How to get there: Stroll up to 81st and Amsterdam from Lincoln Center, or take the B to 81st Street (Upper West Side location).