Dining Out: Juliette



Juliette is an excellent choice for Sunday brunch if you do not mind the wait
Juliette is an excellent choice for Sunday brunch if you do not mind the wait

This past Sunday, my wonderful parents graciously took my financially distressed self to brunch.  Okay, so I may have completely suggested the idea and planned the entire excursion to my liking, but let’s be honest, reader: would you not have done the same thing, given your only option to brunch is at the Caf? Now is the time when you nod your head in utter agreement. Anyway, the spot that I chose to check out is a lovely and charming French brasserie called Juliette.

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Juliette is found just off of the corner of Bedford Avenue and North 5th street.  Trying to score a table at the restaurant’s busiest hour of 12 p.m. noon was no easy feat, but the half hour wait was more than bearable as I meandered through the plethora of record stores, jewelry shops and food specialty stores in the area.

Juliette’s crowning highlight is it’s antique bar, circa 1930, which serves as a visual centerpiece that adds to the cohesiveness of the restaurant’s atmosphere. The ambience at Juliette was a major contributor to what was undeniably one of the greatest brunch experiences I have ever had.  Directly in the center of the restaurant is Juliette’s whimsically fantastic sun room. Natural sunlight floods the room and envelopes the profusion of green, hanging foliage which serves as a sort of canopy that adorns the quaint room.  Just in time for the warm summer months ahead, Juliette recently reopened its rooftop terrace seating and bar.

Juliette truly captures the authenticity of a Parisian brasserie. From its original French light fixtures to its tabletops and signage, Juliette maintains its French brasserie atmosphere. Although I have never actually been to Paris, when I am in this restaurant I imagine myself sitting in a French café that resembles the likes of the perfectly Parisian eateries that were featured in Midnight in Paris, a personal favorite of mine.

Upon sitting down, my eyes were immediately drawn to the drink selection. I am not sure if that is a testament to my character, but if it is, I will drink to that! My mother and I ordered blood orange mimosas and my father stuck to his classic bloody mary. Not overly sweet and just tart enough, the mimosas were warmly welcomed by the two of us.

For brunch, I ordered the timeless classic eggs benedict. My father ordered the roasted banana stuffed French toast and my mother decided on the buckwheat crepe “complete.”  The three of us shared sides of applewood smoked bacon and lamb sausage.  My eggs benedict was accompanied by prosciutto cotto, hollandaise sauce, home fries and a side of greens in a light vinaigrette.

My only qualm about my meal was that it was not served hot enough.  I am a firm believer in food being transported from the kitchen to the table piping hot.  All of the flavors of a dish reach their fullest potential when they are served hot.  That being said, what my dish lacked in heat it made up for in flavor.  There was the perfect amount of hollandaise sauce covering my poached eggs, not too much that the english muffin could turn soggy and my eggs would drown in the sauce, but just enough that I was able to scoop up some of the residual sauce with my home fries.  The home fries were seasoned and, to my pleasant surprise, came with caramelized onions, which complemented the robust flavor of the roasted potatoes.

My father had a certain look in his eyes while he was eating his French toast that can only be described as sheer infatuation.  He was completely enamored with his brunch, so much so that he was tempted to ask for another order.

Juliette provided the perfect atmosphere and tasty fare that this broke college girl was craving. Go to Juliette and experience the romantic enchantment of this French brasserie for yourself.