The Ramantic: Relationships & Senior Year

Most seniors have registered for their second semester at this point. If it hasn’t hit you yet, it will soon. Their careers as Fordham University undergraduate students will soon be over. It will be no time until 100 nights, then senior week, then graduation. The relationships that developed and grew here at Fordham are probably some of the most important. So what can seniors do to continue building and then preserve those relationships for their futures?

First, live up the time you have left.
You are only going to be here for one more semester, but this does not mean you should give up on making new friends or strengthening existing relationships. Just because you are leaving Fordham does not mean you will never see these people again. Continue to be friendly and make plans with the people you make connections with. Furthermore, do your best to not let friendships that you have enjoyed over the years fade out.

Make definite plans for friend outings in the next year.
Start planning now. Determine which of your friends will be attending homecoming and the various other 175th anniversary events. Ask your friends if any of them are interested in trips over the summer, during Christmas week or simple weekend outings. Staying connected in today’s age is easier than ever before, just as travel is. It is essential to keep in touch, and planning events can help you get the face-time you had every day during your time at Fordham. Once you no longer go to class on the same campus or eat together at Cosi every Thursday plans may be harder to make, so make them now.

Do things you wouldn’t have done as an underclassman because you might not get another chance.
I’m not telling you to grab the face of the guy you’ve been crushing on for four years on a whim! But taking some risks that you wouldn’t have in the past might not be bad idea. If that means sharing feelings you wouldn’t have shared before, spending more time with your friends than you would have in the past, or finally messaging the pretty girl who you had theology with freshman year and asking her on a date, do it! You aren’t going to have that chance for much longer. If you leave Fordham wondering what would have happened if you had tried something with one person or another, you will have to wonder forever!