Overtime: On the Perfect Sports Week

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Courtesy of Al Grillo/AP

Off the beaten path a bit, the Iditarod is probably the most obscure event listed in my ideal sports week. But come on, look how excited that guy is.

This past weekend, I had a sublime time by any sports fan’s standards. On Saturday, my girlfriend and I went to “Operation Hockey,” a Sandy-relief benefit game pitting members of the New York Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers and other players from the NHL against each other to raise money for those affected by the storm. On Sunday, we went to the New York Giants-Green Bay Packers game, which was especially sweet since I got to see my beloved G-Men break out of their November swoon.

The great two-day span of action made me wonder: What would my perfect sports week be?

Now, there is really no logic to how this week would come together. Games can be from any season, between any teams and it doesn’t matter if the dates don’t exactly match up. There is no need to worry about how far apart things are because I own the only teleportation device in the world and have an unlimited credit card. Don’t ask me how I got them.

The only rule for this experiment is that I can only pick one event per day. Can’t be too greedy.

Without further ado, let’s get this fantasy week underway.

Day 1: Duke vs. North Carolina

I have wanted to watch this game in person since becoming a Blue Devils fan after donning the Duke uniform in my second grade pee-wee basketball league. This is the ultimate college basketball game: rivalry, atmosphere and two great teams. I’m slotting this game at the beginning of my week because it might take me a day to get over a Duke loss, but it wouldn’t be severe enough to ruin my whole week. Just look for me in body paint and a Speedo with the rest of the Cameron Crazies.

Day 2:Final Day of the Iditarod

Assuming the teleportation device can reach Alaska, I think this would be a great time. You get to watch dogs run and sample some concessions like deer legs. Besides, how many people do you know who have actually ever been to the most famous dog race in the world? Also, I think this would be a great time to hold up a “Make Some Noise!” sign just to get the dogs barking.

Day 3Nebraska Cornhuskers football game

I really don’t care who Nebraska is playing, I need to go to a college football contest out there. While there are plenty of more famous, alluring rivalry matchups most sports fans want to attend, the idea of watching the Cornhuskers in the middle of nowhere is incredibly alluring. People in the fly-over states are absolutely insane about their football, as Memorial Stadium becomes the third most-populated city in Nebraska on game days. I can already see myself wearing that gigantic ear of corn hat.

Day 4Random Minor League Baseball game

Watching a baseball game on a warm summer night with a hot dog in your hand is one of the best things in the world. The only thing to make it better is if you have 10 hot dogs. Minor League games are everything perfect about baseball. No million-dollar contracts. No gigantic scoreboards. No overcrowded stadiums. A baseball game in a small stadium with just a few hundred people in the stands is one of the purest experiences in America.

Day 5:Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals at night

Most baseball purists will say the only way to enjoy a game at Wrigley is sitting on the bleachers for an afternoon game, but I’ve already experienced that. This time around, I want to watch these two rivals battle under the lights, while cheering along with my fellow Cubbies fans. With all of the success the Cardinals have had over the past few seasons, much to my dismay, it would be extremely satisfying to watch my lovable losers down St. Louis. I’m really not sure if there is a way to make one of these lists without including a stop at Wrigley, which is by far the most beautiful stadium in all of organized sports.

Day 6Final Round of The Masters Tournament

If you have an unlimited credit card, Master tickets are a smart purchase because they are wickedly expensive. I’m not the biggest golf fan in the world, but I can not imagine how cool it would be to watch someone put on the green jacket. My only requirement would be that I have Jim Nantz stand next to me the entire day to announce things.

Day 7: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles 

I want to go into the danger zone and cheer on Big Blue in my final day. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am a psychotic Giants fan and I would love to head into Philadelphia and watch the Giants take down the Eagles. And if I get into a fistfight, oh well, the week is over anyway.

Some may chastise me for not having the Indy 500, Wimbledon or a soccer game on here, but those just aren’t up there for me.

What would your ideal sports week be?