Hoping to Win Students’ Favor, Sodexo Reshuffles

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Cosí, a soup-and-sandwich chain restaurant, will move into Campbell Hall. A to-go kiosk will snuggle its way into Keating Hall. ZeBi, a Sodexo-made bakery, will find its way into Faculty Memorial Hall. Auntie Anne’s pretzels will be sold in a redesigned SubConnection at Queen’s Court, and Starbucks coffee will be offered in Dagger John’s.

Those are some of the dining service adjustments Sodexo, Fordham’s food provider of more than 35 years, is preparing for the start of the school year. The redevelopment, which was officially announced this week, comes weeks after school administrators announced the approval of a 10-year contract with Sodexo, despite its recent history of health violations and the prevalence of a widespread campus culture of student dissatisfaction.

The reconstruction of the eateries is “mostly in preparation stages for asbestos removal,” Deing Yaun, the University dining contract liaison, said in an email. (Fordham hired Yaun to exclusively oversee its latest contract with Sodexo.)

Food from Panda Express, a Chinese take-out chain, will be offered in Dagger John’s. Chipotle, the Mexican food chain, will move into the Grille most likely next summer, Yaun said.

Alongside the changes being made to on-campus eateries, small modifications are planned for the Marketplace, Fordham’s main cafeteria. Namely, an international sauté station will be added to the rotation of food options — it will feature “global flavors and recipes,” according to a statement released by Fordham. Additionally, the deli and sauté stations will be open daily until 10 p.m., and breakfast food will now be available all day.

The changes are pieces of a larger effort orchestrated by Sodexo and Fordham officials to mend wounds and win the favor of current and prospective students. The adjustments have been planned based on feedback — surveys, focus groups and interviews — from “student leaders,” the statement said.

“We listened to the students and we’re confident that all the work we’ve done over the summer will greatly improve their on-campus experience,” said John Azzopardi, the resident district manager for Sodexo at Fordham.

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