Style Network’s ‘Giuliana and Bill’ in Review


Now in its fifth season, Style Network’s Giuliana & Bill has taken viewers into the lives of” E! News” anchor Giuliana Rancic and her entrepreneur husband Bill.  The couple has allowed cameras to document them as they experience both the joys and hardships of life. The couple’s chemistry, wit and comical tension always make for amusing reality TV.

This was especially true for the Oct. 30 episode of “Giuliana & Bill,” titled “Who’s Your Nanny?”

The episode started with a small but comical argument between Giuliana and Bill concerning Giuliana’s hoarding.  The tension began when the couple attempted to clean out their garage, in preparation for their upcoming move to a newly built Los Angeles home. The couple was moving from a smaller rental house into a larger newly built home to prepare for the upcoming birth of their son.

Bill, who was a guest speaker at the 2012 Spring Weekend, only wanted to donate their unneeded furniture to the Boys and Girls Club.  Personally, I feel that the couple should donate anything they don’t need, but Giuliana is justified. After all, the furniture will make good use in their new house since it is much bigger.

When moving day arrived, Giuliana and Bill’s argument continued. A comical scene took place when movers, an assistant, and an interior decorator were asked to voice their opinions.  Most of them sided with Giuliana. Not too long after, Giuliana fled moving day to board a flight to NY. She was off to interview fashion designer Betsey Johnson.

After a short stay in NY, Giuliana and her crew of assistants flew to London to cover the 2012 summer Olympics. The work trip to London created some anxiety for Giuliana as her son was to be born in just a few short weeks via a gestational carrier in Denver.

Thankfully, Giuliana’s business trip across the pond went off without a hitch. In London, Giuliana did a little more than report on the Olympics. Giuliana thought she might want a British nanny for her son (he could learn a British accent after all,) so she and her co-worker Robbie conducted funny interviews with British nannies. Moreover, Giuliana, along with her assistants and some co-workers also got to eat in an authentic city pub, learn cockney and tour the city with a fake queen.

The episode concluded with Giuliana and Bill meeting up in L.A. and discussing their time apart. During this scene, Giuliana showed some cute souvenirs she bought for their son and made the decision that an American nanny might be best.

Five seasons ago Giuliana & Bill began documenting the couple’s adjustment to marital life and to living a bi-city lifestyle. Bill is based in Chicago, while Giuliana is based in L.A. As the show has progressed, the couple has documented their numerous moves, their un-explained infertility struggle and Giuliana’s two unsuccessful in vitro fertilization cycles.  Part one of season 5 showed the couples anguish and shock when Giuliana, at age 36, was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer.

Since its premier in early October, part two of season five has shown a happier time for the couple. After years of trying for a baby, the couple is finally in full baby prep mode. In previous episodes, they have shopped for baby essentials, thrown a baby shower, and searched for a new LA home.  After watching all the heartache the couple has endured, it is such a joy to watch them finally experience happiness.

If you are in the mood to watch happy people and have some laughs, Giuliana & Bill is a must watch! Catch a new episode of Giuliana & Bill Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.