Dining In: Auntie Anne’s


With all of the new additions to Fordham’s formerly short laundry list of on-campus dining facilities, Auntie Anne’s is one that has definitely sparked some excitement. The classic

auntie annes - michael rezin

pretzel stand, which offers a multitude of baked pretzel variations, is located in the basement of Queens Court. It has a designated area in SubConnection with its own individual stand. Auntie Anne’s does not follow the same hours of operation that SubConnection does; Opened Monday-Friday from 11:00am-midnight and Saturday-Sunday from 12:00pm-midnight, Auntie Anne’s prides itself on offering “little rewards” of hot, freshly baked pretzels that are much more than your average pretzel. A few of the innovative flavors include the cinnamon sugar pretzel nuggets, the pepperoni pretzel and the signature pretzel stix, which I recommended are dipped in the melted cheese sauce. But what is a salty pretzel without some sweet lemonade? The Auntie Anne’s on Rose Hill features its original lemonade, as well as its lemonade mixers, which come in four different fruit flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango and Strawberry. All of the hype surrounding this classic pretzel stand is deserved. Auntie Anne’s does not disappoint with its consistent delivery of good food products.