Panel Discusses Human Rights


On April 5, the Center on Religion and Culture hosted a panel of experts to discuss terrorism and the protection of human rights after terrorist attacks such as those in Paris and Brussels. The discussion was called, “In Good Conscience: Human Rights in an Age of Terrorism, Violence and Limited Resources.” Rwandan genocide survivor and human rights activist Consolee Nishimwe, the U.S. assistant secretary general on human rights Ivan Simonovic, PhD,  Columbia law professor Matthew Waxman and the Marie Ward Doty university chair in ethics and director of the Center for Ethics Education Celia Fisher, P.h.D, were featured on the panel. Andrea Bartoli, P.h.D, dean of the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University moderated the discussion. They discussed systematic oppression, proactive preventative measures to prevent atrocities such as genocides, warning signs such as dehumanization and the death penalty.