Dining Out: Giantina Ristorante



Danielle Garrand/The Ram
This pasta contains pesto with goat cheese and is a Giantina speciality.

A far cry from Pugsley’s and cafeteria chow, Giantina Ristorante delivers authentic Italian food just a couple steps off of the famous Arthur Avenue.

Almost every student has visited the classic local joints, but this nearby gem has flown under the radar.

From the second that the aromas of freshly made pastas, soups and Italian dishes greet you at the door, it is clear that Giantina is no commonplace restaurant.

Open every day except Wednesdays, the eatery is packed with customers waiting to experience the fabulous fare.

The sponge-painted entryway is adorned with headshots of celebrity fans who have made a stop in the restaurant, as well as vintage movie posters, creating a sophisticated yet relaxed vibe. Their medium-sized bistro is filled to the brim with marble tables that can accommodate large groups or a parties of one. Mirror-covered walls are framed with wine racks and hanging pictures of the owner’s family, furthering the comfortable environment.

As soon as a hungry person opens the leather menus, it is clear that he or she has come to the right place to feed a healthy appetite.

As each table is seated, the guests are given almost an entire loaf of warm bread with olive oil for dipping, on which everyone should be sure to nibble as they wait.

Danielle Garrand/The Ram
The Italian restaurant is located on E187th Street and Arthur Avenue.

With classic dishes like chicken parmesan ($14.75), to fettuccini alfredo ($13.25) and special delights such as lobster ravioli ($18.95), it is impossible to stay hungry for long.

The varied menu also features a “From the Sea” section that features all types of seafood and crustaceans, as well as delicious sandwich options.

If you are opting for a lighter fare, the extensive list of soups and salads will not disappoint. Most meals are priced in the $15 to $20 range, unless you opt for one of the fancier selections such as the filet mignon with mushrooms ($25.50).

A word to the wise, however: Only walk into Giantina’s if you are willing to dedicate two hours to a meal, otherwise you may become slightly irritated with the rather slow service.

As Fordham students do not frequent the restaurant as often, the staff tends to cater to locals a bit faster. Do not be surprised if they stop to chat with a couple from the community as your stomach grumbles.

If you do not mind waiting an extra 30 minutes for a meal that tastes as home-cooked as your mother’s best dish, bring a group of friends and use the time to relax with good company.

Even though Arthur Ave’s options may seem exhausted, do not take this authentic Italian joint off your radar just yet, or you risk missing out on some of the best food Little Italy has to offer.

Overall: 3 stars
Location: 2 stars
Food Quality: 4 stars
Atmosphere: 3 stars
Hospitality: 1 star
Price: $$
(Out of 4 stars)