Naked Man Pinned Down By Police In Front of Lincoln Center Campus


By Laura Sanicola

The video screenshot, edited to blur the man’s face and certain body parts, depicts a naked man lying down on Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus, surrounded by police. (Credit: Maddie Lambert)

An unidentified naked man was pinned down by police officers and security and then taken away in an ambulance outside of Fordham College Lincoln Center Sunday afternoon, according to student bystanders.

The incident took place at approximately 3:30 p.m. Fordham Ram editor Margarita Artoglou, FCRH ’18, witnessed the event and confirmed the man was held by four police officers and three security guards.

Maddie Lambert, FCLC ’18, was walking outside the Lincoln Center main entrance when she witnessed the scene and captured it on video. According to Lambert, it appeared that the man had been running around the block naked.

The video, which is not posted due to some explicit imagery, captures the man seemingly saying “I am…” before trailing off and attempting to stand up.

Fordham Lincoln Center Public Safety could not confirm at this time whether the naked man was a Fordham student, and provided no further information. They advised The Ram to call back later Sunday evening. The Deputy Commissioner of Public Information (DCPI) was contacted but has no information at this time.