Out of the Comfort Zone: My Dinner with Pugsley’s


Caitlyn Letterii enjoys her slice of the newfound pizza place Pugsleys. (Courtesy of Caitlyn Letterii)

By Patrick Hood and Caitlyn Letterii

Caitlyn Letterii enjoys her slice of the newfound pizza place Pugsleys. (Courtesy of Caitlyn Letterii)
Caitlyn Letterii enjoys her slice of the newfound pizza place Pugsleys. (Courtesy of Caitlyn Letterii)

Join Caitlyn Letterii, who is very rude, and Patrick Hood, who tragically died in 2016, as they explore and critique the cheap eats available around the Bronx and Rose Hill campus.

We heard it time and time again, from sea to shining sea, “Hey Sweet ‘n’ Sour, why don’t you bums ever review a pizza place?” It’s 2017 and our resolution is to defer to others. So to appease all our loyal and pushy readers we decided to check out a secret favorite amongst students at Fordham: Pugsley’s Pizza.

CL: I don’t leave my house much and actively avoid social interaction so I have never heard of Pugsley’s, but it came highly recommended, so I was excited to see what it had to offer.
PH: Right away we could see why this place is so unknown. Tucked away on a side street, just a hop, skip and a jump away from the hustle and bustle of Fordham Street is Pugsley’s Pizza, a sleepy little bistro which is so authentic you can taste the Ellis Island on each slice.
CL: As a proper Italian woman, I typically only order pizza from Michigan’s own, Domino’s Pizza Inc. But I tried to look at this bougie spot with an open mind and an open heart. We were met by a friendly man who, for some reason, just immediately struck me as someone who could run a really eclectic Instagram account. Did you get that vibe, Patrick?
PH: I did. I mean, I’ve never seen this man in my life but one look and I knew. Other than that, the atmosphere in Pugsley’s was full of school spirit. Everywhere I looked contained posters or memorabilia about Fordham, from a picture of the school football team, the Fordham Goats, to a poster which read: “Newark is your Campus, Fordham is your college.”
CL: After carefully reviewing a rather extensive menu, I decided to order a Penne Vodka Slice. I had never heard of such a thing! I mean, pasta? On a piece of pizza? I could not wait to see what kind of crazy dish the food scientists at this restaurant came up with.
PH: In order to get a more authentic college experience, I decided to try one of the many specials like I was a pledge at one of the many Fordham fraternities. I like to think I’m an educated man, so I figured the Professor Special was the special for me.
CL: What’s in that special, huh? Some sort of book pizza?
PH: Ha ha ha classic Caitlyn. No, it was a delicious serving of baked ziti with chicken cutlet mixed in and a side of freshly baked Pugsley ‘s bread.
CL: That sounds delicious, but that sure would make me thirsty!
PH: Don’t even worry about it! The special also comes with a bottled water or a soda of your choice.
CL: I gotta say from the get-go, this Pugsley’s joint was really wowing me. Upon receiving my penne slice I was totally floored. I didn’t think it was even possible but the ziti on top of pizza was really delicious! Just the right amount of flavor, sauce and love packed into one generously portioned slice. Who thinks this stuff up, Patrick?
PH: I assume one of the aforementioned food scientists, and I sure am grateful for their sacrifices. My pasta dish was quite the zesty little number. The baked ziti was much like a foal walking for the first time, both unstable and proud. Packed with savory flavor, the sauce was the true lifeblood of the dish, as is the case with most pasta-based life forms.
CL: That seems like an exaggeration but as our not-young pope likes to say, “Who am I to judge?” Here at Pugsley’s, it’s a judgement-free zone. So what do you say Pat? Is it about time to give our Sweet ‘n’ Sour rating and actively engage in judgement?
PH: This is an easy one, Caitlyn. The atmosphere was second-to-none, the food was plentiful and you cannot believe how much of a kick it was to see the local celebrity and proprietor Sal Pugsley play the jazz clarinet. For all this spirit and the food to match, Pugsley’s Pizza earns a five stars out of five from me.
CL: I could not agree more. The specials! The gong! The Food Network on two TVs! This place had everything. I give it an enthusiastic five out of five Sweet rating. Fordham students really ought to be checking this place out. I’m still a really big Domino’s fan though, don’t worry.
Overall Recommendations:
You should try a special or two! Great bang for your buck.
You should pass on being judgy! That vibe is not welcome here.
Info: Pugsley Pizza
Address: 590 E 191st St, Bronx, NY 10458
Phone number: (718) 365-0327
Price: Cheap