McShane Asks Students to Voice Support for DACA


Joseph M. McShane, S.J., president of the university, originally announced CUSP in 2015.

By Theresa Schliep

As the Trump administration and Democrats debate, the fate of the Deferred to the bill, citing the founding of Fordham University as a school by immigrants for immigrants “to break the cycle of poverty that immigrants were caught in.”

“DACA students at Fordham and throughout the country are our people,” said McShane. “We were founded to serve them.”

United Student Government (USG) announced they will host a phone banking event to show support for DACA and Dreamers, and would also work with Lesley A. Massiah-Arhur and VP Dunne on university events surrounding DACA.

Brian Reardon, FCRH ’18, president of USG, said this is the first of many events. He said it’s important because repealing DACA puts the status of some students into question.

“We are tasked with representing each and every student to the best of our ability, as well as to make their lives better,” said Reardon. “The thing is that, if the remission of DACA means some of our own students’ status being put into question, it is our duty as elected members of the student body to protect them.”

Reardon also said, for him, it is personal, as he is the son of an immigrant.

“My mom made a decision in her life that she wanted to be an American and took that initiative,” he said in an email interview with The Fordham Ram. “I also realized that had I been born before she came here, I would grow up as an American and the remission of DACA would call my own Americanness into question.”

McShane said the more calls, the better if students want to see a change in Trump’s DACA decision.

“Volume counts this time around,” said McShane. “The more emails, letters, visits, phone calls that members get, the more they give credence to the call for this.”