Rowing Competes at Head of Charles


The varsity 8+ crew placed tenth in the field of 40 with a time of 17:12.9 (Courtesy of Robin Comerford).

The varsity 8+ crew placed tenth in the field of 40 with a time of 17:12.9 (Courtesy of Robin Comerford).

By Alex Speir

The Fordham women’s rowing team competed this weekend in the Head of the Charles Race in Cambridge, MA. The team is coming off a successful race last weekend at the inaugural Hadley Chase Regatta where the A team had a second-place finish.  This weekend in Cambridge, the Fordham A team finished in 10th place with a time of 17:12.9 in their 2:30 p.m. race.  The 10th place finish was in a pool of 50 teams.  The winning team, Radcliffe, had a time of 16:27.  Other teams finishing in front of Fordham included Yale, Penn, CRI, Syracuse, Northeastern, Alabama, Dartmouth and MIT, respectively.

The Head of the Charles Race is the largest regatta in the United States and hosts teams from all over the country.  Whereas in past races the Fordham team has mostly competed against Ivy League teams and other schools in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, this regatta hosted multiple SEC and Big 10 teams.

In the Club 4+ race, the Fordham B team edged out the Fordham A team with a time of 20:00.0 as opposed to the A team’s time of 20:07.0.  With consistent finishes in the top half, the Fordham team seems well-rounded with the success of the B team.  Both the A and B teams have secured an entry in next year’s Head of the Charles Race because of their high finishes.

Assistant Coach Alyssa Dewey is satisfied with the performance of the team so far.

“Our success so far this fall certainly bodes well for our official spring season races.”

As the team prepares for their official spring races, they are also preparing for the Fall Metropolitan Championships on Nov. 5 in Orchard Beach Lagoon, New York.  Next weekend, the Fordham teams will head to the City of Brotherly Love to compete in the Head of the Schuylkill race.