An Ode to Tuesday Nights at The Ram


(Julia Comerford/The Fordham Ram)

By Margarita Artoglou

(Julia Comerford/The Fordham Ram)

I remembered I had to write the “From the Desk” this week like I remember most things: last minute. But I wasn’t worried, because if there’s anything being on The Fordham Ram’s staff for three years has taught me, it’s how to write an article—and write it fast.

When I was a freshman, I became an opinion writer for The Ram because I had been on my high school’s debate team, and while I was looking for a change in college, I wasn’t ready to give up arguing.

Back then, it used to take me a full week to construct an 800 word article. Flash forward a couple years, and I can bang them out in about 45 minutes, which is why the fact that I remembered this article only a couple of days before we went to print wasn’t really a big deal.

I’m not trying to say The Ram taught me how to rush. Instead, The Ram taught me how to adapt, think fast and make things happen.

When I became the Opinion Editor for The Ram, I was one of two freshmen on staff—the other was Erin Shanahan, then Assistant News Editor and now our fearless EIC.  As one of the babies on staff, I was incredibly nervous to step into the office for our first few meetings—what if I said something stupid or had a bad idea for an article and everyone made fun of me and kicked me off staff?

I definitely said things that were stupid and had bad article ideas, but no one ever made fun of me (and no one ever gets kicked off staff). Instead, my fellow editors offered their insight and advice and helped me become a confident editor and writer.

Three years later, I hope I have given back and contributed to the improvement of the new editors I worked with during my time as Managing Editor, because they have absolutely helped to improve me as a writer, editor and leader. Honestly, they’ve helped me to improve as a person overall.

A senior editor’s last “From the Desk” is supposed to be a farewell to the The Fordham Ram, so here goes nothing.

I want to give a big thanks to the staff of Volumes 96 and 97 who took a chance on a loud freshman girl and decided to let her run her own section. I’ve only gotten louder because of it.

Lots of love to every fellow editor I’ve ever worked with—especially Kristen Santer, my partner-in-crime (read: co-Opinion Editor) who graduated last year but is missed every Tuesday night.

A huge round of applause for Volume 99 for not breaking The Ram before it could reach its centennial (something I actually worried about when I accepted the second-in-command position earlier this year).

Finally, good luck to Volume 100. We’ve been doing this thing for a century—you guys better not mess it up.

The Ram’s windowless basement office, with its God-awful fluorescent lights, will always have a special place in my heart—but more importantly, so will every person who has ever spent a Tuesday night there with me.