RHA Announces “Ocean Drive ’85” as Under the Tent Theme

RHA rolled out a new pre-sale initiative for Under the Tent tickets this year. (Courtesy of RHA)

RHA rolled out a new pre-sale initiative for Under the Tent tickets this year. (Courtesy of RHA)

By Aislinn Keely

RHA rolled out a new pre-sale initiative for Under the Tent tickets this year. (Courtesy of RHA)

Prince’s 1984 hit “Let’s Go Crazy” played in the background of the Residence Halls Association’s (RHA) release video for this year’s Under the Tent theme. It unveiled “Ocean Drive ’85,” a theme based around eighties hallmarks like neon and pastel colors with added elements of Miami living.

Annina Saccomano, GSB ’18, Executive Programmer of RHA, said the colorful 80s theme originated after a family trip to Miami.

“I fell in love with the colors, architecture and history of the city,” she said. “In addition, many RHA members proposed an eighties themed dance and the two concepts fit perfectly together.”

To reflect the theme, decorations will draw on both eighties culture and the port town of Miami, according to Saccomano.

“The decorations will be bright, fun and will marry cultural aspects of the eighties with physical aspects of the city of Miami,” she said.

Sara Chesnos, GSB ’19, executive president of RHA, said she recommends wearing bright colors and pastels to get into the spirit of the theme.

“I found a lot of inspiration from eighties movies and even Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ music video,” said Chesnos.

Planning for this year’s Under the Tent began after winter break, according to Saccomano. Ideas from the theme are sourced from RHA’s general and executive boards, as well as the student body. The general board then votes on the most frequently mentioned pitches. Past themes have included 2016’s futuristic “Caught in the Cosmos” and 2017’s Mediterranean “Cerulean Seas.”

Chesnos said RHA takes every Under the Tent as a learning experience for planning the following year.

“We try our best to listen to what the student body would like to see in the future,” she said. “For example, last year, we increased the size of the dance floor and the tent itself, which was received very well among attendees.”

Ticket sales open on April 28 at noon, with the line traditionally snaking across campus, according to Chesnos.

“Every year, students line up very early in the morning and the line wraps around Fordham Prep by 10:00 a.m.,” she said.

The consistently high demand for tickets launched this year’s pre-sale initiative, where RHA sold 300 tickets through its Facebook event. For an extra five dollars, bringing the cost up to $35, students could skip the line and buy online. Regular sale tickets will be $30.

Chesnos said she hopes the presale event will lead to similar initiatives in the future.

“Hopefully, this will be the pilot to rolling out more efficient ticket sale systems in the future,” she said.