Josh Peck Speaks at Fordham

By Alexandra Mandalakis

Last Thursday, Fordham students rushed to line up for Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) Spring Weekend speaker, actor and comedian Josh Peck.

Peck rose to fame through the hit Nickelodeon show “Drake and Josh,” and is also known for his work on “The Amanda Show,” the film “Red Dawn,” and more recently, the series “Grandfathered” with John Stamos.

The announcement of Josh Peck’s talk at the Leonard Prep Theatre blew up on social media, as “Drake and Josh” is a show that today’s college students acknowledge as a key television comedy of their childhood.

Peck gave a humorous and compelling talk, and touched on his experience growing up in New York, working with Nickelodeon and navigating stardom.

Beautifully moderated by CAB Comedy Co-Chair Kathryn Teaney, GSB ’19, Peck answered questions from Fordham students on his favorite memories as a childhood star.

Peck began by attributing his success to his single mother, Sharon, who supported and pushed him to move to LA to jumpstart his acting career.

Throughout the talk, Peck humorously shared his favorite moments on “Drake and Josh,” his friendship with co-star Drake Bell and the hilarious ways that fans approach him today.

Peck took a few minutes for what he called his “Oprah moment,” emphasizing the importance of creating content and encouraging students to utilize various platforms to post, create and share stories that they find important.

As a whole, Peck kept the conversation light and fun, joking with students and laughing his way through his bits.

Overall, Josh Peck’s visit was thoroughly enjoyed by the Fordham student body.

Peck’s hilarious stories of fan encounters, celebrity run-ins and “Drake and Josh” memories created an inclusive event that concluded with a standing ovation.
The event emphasized Fordham’s shared appreciation for a television show and actor that we all know and love.

CAB Comedy Co-Chair Kathryn Teaney moderates a discussion with Josh Peck. (Courtesy of Facebook).