Scarramucci: Reality TV in the Age of Trump


Anthony Scaramucci was recently listed as a competitor on the next season of the popular reality show “Big Brother.” (Courtesy of Flickr)

By Chris DiMieri

The popular reality TV show “Big Brother” has released the cast for its new season. This elimination-based game show follows multiple contestants as they live in an isolated house together. They compete in various challenges and obstacles to determine if they will keep their dormitory or be evicted from the house.

The show’s latest season will have different celebrities from contrasting backgrounds placed together. Some major figures will be present, such as Ryan Lochte, the American swimmer who faced a scandal after an altercation at the 2016 Summer Olympics, and the legend himself and topic of this article, Anthony Scaramucci.

Anthony Scaramucci, the famous New Yorker, hedge-fund manager and former White House communications director is well-known for his brash and politically incorrect personality.

He has a considerable mass-media presence and has essentially become a household name. Many know him as “The Mooch,” and his persona has been the subject of internet fame and memes within the modern age.

With the current political atmosphere of the United States being so controversial, skeptics are debating if it is right to have Scaramucci, a former White House consultant, appear on a popular television show.

This question has been brought forward since other politicians have gained notoriety with the help of television roles. Although an argument can be made that it is ethically irresponsible to have politicians be associated with celebrities, I believe that it would be impossible to regulate through official policy.

America has its fair share of politicians that have spent time in Hollywood. One of the most notable presidents, Ronald Reagan, shared a spotlight in entertainment, but that in no way determined his policy or actual success within his term.

With regards to the show, I believe it would be entertaining to see personalities like Scaramucci present in a house with other celebrities. I understand his political background, but for the sake of entertainment television, I would call this a match made in heaven.

I am sure that many share this same opinion, but at the same time, many feel that this line should never be crossed. However when pertaining to “The Mooch,” it is very hard for me to say I would not want to see him on my TV.

To me, being opposed to this action doesn’t make any sense. If Scaramucci ever decides to run for president or any other office, I am sure that he will be judged much more on his list of comments and quotes in which vulgar and unprofessional language is used, and not on his time on one season of a reality TV show.

Regardless of your political background or your current opinion on the United States government, there is no denying that Anthony Scaramucci is an entertaining figure.

He has a cartoonish persona that some may find derogatory, but that I believe perfectly fits a reality show.

Scaramucci’s stint on “Celebrity Big Brother’s” second season begins on Monday Jan. 21, 2019.

I have high hopes for this season because of the star-studded cast, and I cannot wait to see how “The Mooch” fits in.

With the times changing and politicians becoming less formal, I could imagine a future in which we see more of this politician-television personality occur. As long as policy isn’t affected, I wouldn’t mind.

If we were to take our current politicians and put them on a “Big Brother”-like show, my bet is on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to be the winner, but that’s all I will say on that.


Chris DiMieri, FCRH ’20, is an English and psychology major from Manhassset, New York.