Bad Bunny Livestreams from the Bronx


Bad Bunny provided a needed respite with a livestreamed concert. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Sara Tsugranis, Contributing Writer

Life in the time of coronavirus means social distancing and rejecting the simplest of physical contact, such as a handshake. It is hard to believe there was once a time where people would crowd together in events like concerts — sweating, pushing and shoving, packed like sardines. Such a description of a concert may evoke a wince thinking about a venue where, without a doubt, COVID-19 would spread like wildfire.

Such a high risk has forced musical artists to get creative in keeping fans engaged. This has brought many artists to hosting livestreamed concerts. From wherever the artist calls home, they play a set of songs for all fans to watch from any device, anywhere in the world. It was expected that this would be what Latin trap artist Bad Bunny would do when he announced he would be having a livestreamed concert. When the livestream finally started, fans were shocked to see Bad Bunny not in his home in Puerto Rico, but atop a truck cruising down the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

Bad Bunny sang to the camera and waved to fans who ran after him. Hosted by Uforia, a hispanic oriented radio and music events company, the livestream also included Bad Bunny speaking about life during coronavirus. As he said, he chose to come to New York  because he performed here the most. He spoke of his love and compassion for those who helped and struggled in the city when it was hit harder than most areas by COVID-19.

His decision to perform in the Bronx was kept top secret to prevent large crowds of fans from gathering. During the livestream hosted by Uforia, Bad Bunny said, “It was difficult for me to do a concert without an audience. I didn’t want to … but I’m accepting the new reality and I hope people enjoy this. We need it.” Bad Bunny brought joy to New York as the world continues to doubt if the city will bounce back.

Some fans on Twitter were especially proud that he specifically chose to perform in the Bronx.

Senior Editor at Input Mag Edgar Alvarez (@abcdedgar) tweeted, “They said ‘New York is dead.’ Meanwhile, Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) is out here doing a live concert in the middle of the Bronx.”

Twitter user @mylifeasmat tweeted, “You know what I love about this man? He could’ve stayed downtown around Times Square, radio city, etc. But he chose the Bronx, the heights, Harlem! Ended at the hospital for the healthcare workers. For the culture! For the people! Bad Bunny is unmated. A legend. Gracias Benito.”

Regarding the poor reputation the Bronx typically receives, @_Svmvnthv__ tweeted that she would respond to negative comments with “BUT DID BAD BUNNY PERFORM IN YOUR BOROUGH THO??”

Bad Bunny encouraged fans to use their voice to vote for a better future and ended his concert singing his recently released song “Yo Perreo Sola.” He ended his performance in front of Harlem Hospital, to honor the health care workers of New York still working hard to keep New Yorkers healthy during the pandemic. 

This concert was truly the boost that New York needed to lift the city’s spirits and give a glimpse back into pre-pandemic life.