Who’s That Kid? It’s Travis Navarro, GSB ’16


Travis Navarro, GSB ‘16, from Hawaii, is extremely involved on campus. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)


Travis Navarro, GSB ‘16, from Hawaii, is extremely involved on campus. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)
Travis Navarro, GSB ‘16, from Hawaii, is extremely involved on campus. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)

Travis Navarro, sophomore in the Gabelli School of Business, is from paradise (also known as Hawaii). “It’s a chill place. It’s everything you can ask for out of a place,” said Travis about Kauai, his island. “It’s warm. There’s a small town feel and a great community. Beaches. Mountains.” One of my favorite Hawaii anecdotes of his recalls felling banana trees in his backyard.

“I know my way around a machete,” said Travis. “When you take down a 20-foot banana tree, it’s definitely an experience. Especially since the sap is so sticky and you don’t want it to get on your clothes and it gets so gross, but you got to do what you got to do.”

His upbringing was different than the average American’s, to say the least. I met Travis at the beginning of our freshman year, and we have since then taken many classes together. I have witnessed him, at the beginning of each semester, introducing himself to each of our classes as Travis from Hawaii, who likes long walks on the beach.

During the often bitterly cold months of winter break, I received Snapchats from him while he sunned himself on the bright warm sand, ocean shimmering in the background. Why, then, did he ever leave? Travis names independence as a large factor in his decision to come to Fordham. On a small island, everyone knows everyone’s business; Travis left home to be able to do what he wanted to do in a bigger world, where fewer eyes watched him because everyone else was seeking a life of his or her own.

While applying to schools, Travis looked at Fordham in particular for its beautiful campus and quality education. One of his greatest achievements at Fordham so far is his election as USG senator for class of 2016. He enjoys the position both because of the opportunities it has provided for him and because of its integral part in the student community.

“I like being part of a body that has the ability to make a difference for many students’ lives. And not just by making a difference through student initiatives, but helping student leaders do what they do. I think it’s being connected to the Fordham community and having the resources to make changes that I see needs to happen.”

One change in particular that he is excited to work on is lengthening Fordham’s add/drop period.

Travis is also part of the planning committee for Leadership Weekend. What he appreciates most about Leadership Weekend is that it creates community among student leaders and then helps them build communities within their own respective organizations.

His involvement on campus indicates his love for community. “I want to leave [Fordham] knowing that I made an impact but also that I have a community of people that will shape my life for the rest of my life—people that I will forever have a connection with even after years of not talking.”