Letter: Albanian Protesters on Campus


(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Dear Editors,

In regards to the article “Albanian Protestors Descend On Fordham To Oppose Award,” V. 96, I. 2, we recognize and appreciate the corrections published in the February 5th issue of The Ram. Regardless, we believe that the original article did not fully capture the issue at hand. His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania, has helped rebuild and restore Orthodox churches throughout the country of Albania. He was elected as Archbishop not based on his Greek heritage, but due to his ability to rebuild a community and church that had been completely obliterated. His efforts to promote dialogue between various ethnic and religious groups further qualified him for the position. His Beatitude’s past actions have proven him worthy of holding the position of Archbishop. In the past, he provided much humanitarian aid throughout East Africa. In an effort to promote interreligious dialogue, Archbishop Anastasios has contributed to major efforts to build a mosque in Albania. In addition, he was the first Orthodox Bishop to publish a book about Islam — “Islam: A General Survey,” and has various publications in different languages, including Serbian, Romanian, Albanian, Bulgarian, and English.

Orthodoxy is a religion that has different traditions based on where it is practiced. The Albanian Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox Church are in communion with one another. Archbishop Anastasios is not spreading ideas of Hellenism, but ideas of something larger: the peace, love and light of Orthodox Christianity.


The Orthodox Christian Fellowship Executive Board