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James Blake’s experimental urge on his new EP goes beyond his last album. (Courtesy of Facebook)

James Blake’s “Before” Brings You to an Intimate Dance Floor

October 28, 2020

Chopping and screwing his voice between shuffling layers and using effects as more of an artistic expression than a mask to hide behind, Blake pushes his experimentation to the limits he failed to reach on his last album “Assume Form.”

Boy Pablo’s latest album, “Wachito Rico,” dropped on Oct. 23. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Boy Pablo’s “Wachito Rico” is a Hopeless Romantic’s Best Friend

October 28, 2020

Once my time as a student here comes to an end, I will not be able to think of college without thinking of Boy Pablo and “Wachito Rico.”

Music festivals must make major changes to accomodate pandemic regulations. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Live Music Has a High Tech Future

October 21, 2020

Concert organizers have already begun testing out new socially-distanced music experiences, with venues around the world experimenting with different formats.

Four September albums that you may have missed. (Courtesy of Facebook)

New Music Corner Issue 3: September Releases You May Have Missed

October 21, 2020

Public Enemy’s newest release is a testimony to their cultural and historical relevance, while also showing how much more progress is needed towards justice and equity.

IDLES Delivers One of 2020’s Most Essential Listens With “Ultra Mono”

October 7, 2020

Upon listening to “Ultra Mono,” it becomes clear that the record is one of 2020’s most vital, offering 12 tracks of the chaotic yet channeled anger that has made the band so critically acclaimed.

After producing music for a plethora of famous artists, A.G. Cook released his own album. (Courtesy of Facebook)

AG Cook’s “Apple” Displays Artist’s Production Talents

September 30, 2020

It is expertly produced, but sometimes Cook’s talented input does not necessarily reflect his output. Bits and pieces are very interesting to hear, but its cohesion is questionable.

Sufjan Stevens' newest release sees him experimenting across multiple genres. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Sufjan Stevens Branches Across Genres and Traditional Boundaries With “The Ascension”

September 30, 2020

With pulsating electronic sounds and mysterious lyrics, “The Ascension” is a cerebral experience that requires a lot of thought to analyze and enjoy.

Bad Bunny provided a needed respite with a livestreamed concert. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Bad Bunny Livestreams from the Bronx

September 30, 2020

This concert was truly the boost that New York needed to lift the city’s spirits and give a glimpse back into pre-pandemic life.

Fleet Foxes' new album is a great entry point for new fans of the band. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Fleet Foxes’ “Shore” Is So Easy to Enjoy

September 30, 2020

“Shore” is by far the most accessible of all the band’s records.

Neon Trees just released their newest album

Neon Trees are Forgettable in “I Can Feel You Forgetting Me”

September 30, 2020

It is uncertain as to where the band plans to go from here, but this album certainly marks a fall for Neon Trees.

Saint Motel's new EP is lively and alluring. (Courtesy of Facebook)

Saint Motel Lifts Spirits With Dynamic and Lively New EP

September 23, 2020

My heart warmed and a smile jumped onto my face on the evening of Sept. 18, as I opened a text from a friend that read “new Saint Motel album."

Declan McKenna just releated his newest album

Declan McKenna Avoids Sophomore Slump with Scintillating “Zeros”

September 16, 2020

Each song on “Zeros” is thought provoking, unique and leaves the listener wanting more.

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