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Nishat uses her global and arts perspective in her work as a communication major. Courtesy of Nishat Baig

Who’s That Kid? It’s Nishat Baig, FCRH ’17

September 22, 2015

By Cailin McKenna From multi-cultural groups to fashion magazines, Nishat Baig, FCRH ’17, shares her passions for music, art and social justice with the Fordham community. A communication and me...

Brian is both a student leader and talented entertainer. Courtesy of Brian Reynolds.

Who’s That Kid? It’s Brian Reynolds, FCRH ’17

September 16, 2015

By Sam Belden Anyone who has ever been to a Fordham basketball or football game is aware of the fact that hosting a sporting event is a complicated and multi-layered process. The players, who practic...

Nicole posts a jealousy-inducing selfie with Jimmy Fallon at 30 Rock. Courtesy of Nicole Pieri

Who’s That Kid? It’s Nicole Pieri, FCRH ’16

September 13, 2015

By Nicole Horton Many Fordham students take advantage of their proximity to New York City when it comes to culture, entertainment and internship opportunities. Nicole Pieri, FCRH ’16, truly embodies t...

Cat Gallagher makes the most out of her studies, campus life and New York City. COURTESY OF CAT GALLAGHER

Who’s That Kid? It’s Cat Gallagher, FCRH ’17

April 30, 2015

By Anna Carey Louisville native Cat Gallagher, FCRH ’17, has a confession to make: “Even though I’m from Kentucky and the Derby is such a big deal, I’m allergic to horses.” Luckily, Cat doe...

Taylor poses on Edward’s Parade, admitting she will miss the Fordham campus most.

Who’s That Kid? It’s Taylor Panico, FCRH ’15

April 22, 2015

By Joe Vitale When the weather turned warm and New York City’s streets finally cleared of snow, Taylor Panico, FCRH ’15, did what few New Yorkers did: along with a friend — Ali Bonamico, FCRH ’15, ...

CJ’s many passions have led to her exploring New York and other countries. COURTESY OF CJ CACACE

Who’s That Kid? It’s CJ Cacace, GSB ’15

April 15, 2015

By Sydney Keen The Fordham community has been unaware, for almost four years now, of a celebrity presence on campus. CJ Cacace, yes, the CJ Cacace of Monroe, New York late-night infomercial fame, i...

Who's That Kid? It's Joe Russo, FCRH '15

Who’s That Kid? It’s Joe Russo, FCRH ’15

March 25, 2015

By Blaine Kaniewski The new face of Dunkin’ Donuts has arrived, and his name is Joe Russo. It all began on June 27, 2009 when Joe wanted to try his first iced coffee. The first sip of the French v...

Megan studied abroad in Granada, Spain and traveled through Europe.

Who’s That Kid? It’s Megan McLaughlin, FCRH ’15

March 11, 2015

By Laura Sanicola The web of student leadership at Fordham University involves many players. Of course, there are the public figureheads, comprised of elected student government officials such as those in the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and United Student Government (USG). There are the ret...

Who’s That Kid? It’s Erin Biggins, FCRH ’17

March 6, 2015

By Drew Casey The definition of “involved” in the dictionary should read “Erin Biggins, FCRH ’17.” The Elizabeth, New Jersey native is one of the most active students on Fordham’s Rose Hill campus and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree, majorin...

Freshman Helen Keating has developed an interest in Fair Trade and volunteering.

Who’s That Kid? It’s Helen Keating, FCRH ’17

January 28, 2015

By Margarita Artoglou Aside from the usual late nights spent with a cup of everyone’s favorite stimulant, Helen Keating also works the late night shift at Rodrigues coffee house. If you are a Gab...

Tommy visits a famous church in Barcelona while studying abroad. Courtesy of Tommy Bannon

Who’s That Kid? It’s Tommy Bannon, GSB ’15

December 3, 2014

By Matt Rosenfeld It feels like there are a million finance majors here at Fordham. In Business Week’s latest business school rankings, Gabelli placed 38th, not bad by any means, but certainly no...

DJ Sixsmith, Kenny Ducey, FCRH'15 and Michael Watts, GSB'15 hold the A-10 women's basketball trophy. (Courtesy of DJ Sixsmith)

Who’s That Kid? It’s Daniel ‘DJ’ Sixsmith, FCRH ’15

November 19, 2014

By Kelly Kultys Daniel “DJ” Sixsmith, FCRH ’15, has spent the past 10 years of his life working to make it to the big stage in Bristol, Connecticut. “When I was 12 or 13, I can remember j...

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