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Seniors React to Online Commencement Ceremony

Maggie Rothfus, Copy Chief Emerita

May 21, 2020

On Saturday, May 16, Fordham University’s Class of 2020 graduated via a virtual Commencement after the cancellation of an in-person ceremony.

Class of 2020 Sees Unprecedented Headlines

Hannah Gonzalez, Managing Editor Emerita

May 21, 2020

The Fordham Ram has compiled some of the biggest headlines witnessed by the Class of 2020 during their time at Fordham.

Rosemarie McCormack, FRCH Valedictorian, Reflects on Her Path to Fordham

Lindsay Grippo, Editorial Director Emerita

May 21, 2020

Migrating from Missoula, Montana, Fordham University Rose Hill Class of 2020’s Valedictorian Rosemarie McCormack, FCRH ’20, likes to refer to her path to Fordham as her “one moment of teen rebellion.”

Student Publications Continue to Publish Through Virtual Platforms

Gracie Davis, Staff Writer

April 22, 2020

Despite being unable to work on-site, student publications such as Mode Magazine, The Ampersand, and the paper are all continuing to publish content online.

Fordham IT Meets New Need for Resources

Fordham IT is offering new ways to support students as they transition to virtual learning. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Hasna Ceran, Assistant News Editor

April 22, 2020

Fordham IT is offering in increase in support as classes continue online.

USG Addresses End-of-Semester Initiatives

Courtesy of United Student Government

Kristen McNerney, Contributing Writer

April 22, 2020

The last United Student Government (USG) meeting of the semester included discussions about final business and the bidding of farewells.

Clubs Adjust to Virtual Programming

Many clubs on campus are figuring out how stay connected to their club members. (Pia Fischetti/The Fordham Ram)

Maggie Rothfus, Copy Chief Emerita

April 22, 2020

Various clubs on Fordham's campus are trying to continue programming online as well as plan for the coming Fall semester.

WRA Creates Petition to Pay Contracted Workers During Coronavirus Pandemic

Contract workers normally rely on their direct employers for payment and benefits. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Sarah Huffman, News Editor

April 22, 2020

Workers' Rights Advocates and the Fordham Law COVID-19 Response Coalition started a petition for Fordham to pay contracted workers through the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Pandemic Leads to Unintended Environmental Effects

The coronavirus pandemic resulted in an increase in litter but decrease in air pollution. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Allison Lecce, Contributing Writer

April 22, 2020

Sustainability voices at Fordham comment on the positive and negative effects the coronavirus has had on the environment.

CPS Offers Extended Services for Students at Home

CPS expanded it's resources for students during this uncertain time.  (Courtesy of Twitter)

Kristen McNerney, Contributing Writer

April 22, 2020

Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) are expanding their services with online resources and wellness programming to protect student's mental health off campus.

Fordham Plans Modified Summer Sessions

While administrators hope that Fordham will be able to offer face-to-face classes by the second summer session, it is not yet certain. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Marisa Valentino, Contributing Writer

April 22, 2020

Fordham is instituting a number of changes for summer sessions this year, including offering a number of on-site classes online and restricting housing for the first summer session.

Sustainability Groups Host Online Earth Week

Fordham Flea is usually one of the biggest events at the university for Earth Week. With classes moving online, sustainability groups had to make alterations.

Helen Stevenson, Editor-in-Chief

April 19, 2020

The Social Innovation Collaboratory Impact Initiative, United Student Government (USG) Sustainability Committee and Students for Environmental Awareness and Justice (SEAJ) have joined together to host a series of online events in honor of Earth Week. From Monday, April 20, until Friday, April 24, clu...

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