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Editorial: How To Stand Out in a Crowded Field

September 10, 2014

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By The Editorial Board The Class of 2018 is the largest class in Fordham’s history. There are approximately 5,650 undergraduate students on Rose Hill’s campus. This number jumps to over 15,000 students when undergraduate and graduate students on all campuses are included. Added to this is the fact that Fordham is located in a city of nearly 8.5 million people, and the thought of making a name for yourself can seem a...

Editorial: No Place for Obscenity in Journalism

April 30, 2014

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By The Editorial Board Recently, the paper pulled its issue due to concerns over an image of a naked woman and man engaging in a sex act on an interior page. The image was a drawing, not an actual photograph, but it was an explicit image. Christopher Rodgers, dean of students at Rose Hill, and Alanna Nolan, assistant dean of Student Leadership and Community Development, brought the issue forward to the House Committee, a third...

Editorial: Vote Nevin and Sarah

Editorial: Vote Nevin and Sarah

April 6, 2014

By The Editorial Board United Student Government (USG) elections are Thursday, April 10 and Friday, April 11. USG is here to represent the students and be an important liaison between the student body ...

Editorial: Council Should Protect Unpaid Interns

March 26, 2014

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By The Editorial Board Lihuan Wang, a former Syracuse University student, filed a lawsuit in 2013 against Phoenix Satellite Television stemming from an incident of sexual harassment that occurred while she was working as an unpaid intern for the company’s New York office in 2009. Wang was forced to fight off her boss, who invited her to his hotel room while on a business trip, forcibly kissed her and inappropriately grabbed her. She...

Editorial: Lazy Weekend Hours Restrict Library Access

March 12, 2014

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By The Editorial Board It would not be an overstatement to suggest that most students use their Sundays to be productive. They fit in the workout they skipped on Friday or Saturday, tackle the enormous pile of laundry in their room and, most importantly, sit down to do the homework that has been neglected all weekend.  In most cases, Sunday is a day free of classes, club meetings, social events and internships; thus, it is the ...

Editorial: Post Office Needs to be the Whole Package

March 5, 2014

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By The Editorial Board On the front of the James Farley Post Office in New York, an inscription reads “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Here at Rose Hill, late afternoons seem to stay the delivery of students’ mail. A regulation post office holds hours from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. For...

Editorial: Winter Response to Outer Boroughs Insufficient

February 19, 2014

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By The Editorial Board Fordham students trekking up Fordham Road to the D train on the way to internships or out into the city may have noticed something happening that is a little odd for New York: people helping each other through snowbanks and down icy stairs. With all the snow blanketing the city, New Yorkers have really banded together to help each other make it through this winter. They need to stick together because...

Editorial: Dance Marathon a Huge Success

February 12, 2014

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By The Editorial Board Fordham students may hear and say the mantra, “men and women for others” a thousand times during their Fordham careers, but the selflessness of members of our community often goes unrecognized.  Given this, we at The Fordham Ram wanted to make a point of congratulating the Residence Hall Association on its incredible success in planning and executing the Fordham Dance Marathon. RHA partnered with B...

Editorial: Have You Read the News Today?

February 5, 2014

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According to Microsoft Research group, an incredibly low number of Americans are using the internet to actively read the news. For the sake of the survey, “active” consumption of news consists of reading 10 news articles and two opinion pieces in a three-month period.  News articles constitute relatively hard news — that of national or regional importance in the political, economic or social realms, thus discounting...

Editorial: Career Services Misses the Mark

January 29, 2014

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By The Editorial Board Internships have been a necessary evil for college students for some time now; this is nothing new.  Given this, the process of finding and applying for internship opportunities should be relatively easy, as minimally time-consuming and streamlined as possible.  This is not the current state of Career Services or the CareerLink website. Students must jump through several hoops merely to access the we...

Editorial: Avoid Second Semester Slump

January 22, 2014

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By The Editorial Board It is hard not to find the annual post-New Years flock to the gym comical, especially when juxtaposed with the subsequent emptying of such gyms just weeks later.  Many people consider New Year’s resolutions cliché at best, but there can be true value for college students in making sustainable goals for the new semester. Life does not afford many fresh starts, but the structure of the college a...

Editorial: Let’s Re-invest in Transportation

December 4, 2013

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By The Editorial Board Enrique Peñalosa, the former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, once said, “A developed country is not a place where the poor drive cars. It’s where the rich use public transport.” As the self-proclaimed “Capital of the World,” New York City should be at the forefront of innovation in every area, including public transportation. With its wide array of subway lines, buses, ferries and trains, New ...

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