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Administration Transparency is Essential for Students

April 25, 2018

New York University (NYU) recently held a public town hall with Andrew D. Hamilton, the university president. He fielded questions from students on a wide range of topics affecting the school, from the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement to racism. Those in attendance seized the opportunity. Unfortunately, this type of on-the-record, open conversation between students and their university president is a fo...

The Fordham CMS Department Deserves More Attention From Administration

The Fordham CMS Department Deserves More Attention From Administration

April 18, 2018

With the recent return of Fordham Student Television, the editorial board of The Fordham Ram has spent some time thinking about the Communication and Media Studies (CMS) department, specifically t...

Fordham Administration Must  Value Student Leaders

Fordham Administration Must Value Student Leaders

April 11, 2018

This year, only one pair of candidates is running on the executive ticket for United Student Government (USG) President and Vice President. Across the board, many candidates are running uncontested....

Accessibility Should be a Priority

April 4, 2018

For the majority of Fordham students, wheelchair accessibility is not something that requires much – perhaps any – thought. But, for students with physical disabilities that alter the way in which they can navigate our campus, infrastructural shortcomings cannot go unnoticed. According to the university website, Fordham provides accessible buildings on all of its campuses for students with disabilities. However, when looki...

Solidarity Should Not Mean Silence

March 14, 2018

It has been one month since the Parkland shooting left the nation shell-shocked and we at The Fordham Ram are still at a loss for words, struggling to find the right thing to say. What do you say when you have said it before? What do you say when you know you will soon say it again? Sentiments calling for change fall on deaf ears when they are heard so frequently. As a result, we become desensitized and defeated. Di...

Condemning Kekistan and Everything it Stands For

March 7, 2018

We at The Fordham Ram condemn the “Kekistan” flag and everything it stands for. We support the free exchange of ideas, but there are lines that should not be crossed. The “Kekistan” flag mimics the Nazi war flag. It has been seen at multiple alt-right rallies. It is used to inflame and antagonize minority populations. It is a symbol of hate. It turns the free exchange of ideas into the politics of hate and fe...

Time to Revamp the McGinley Center

February 14, 2018

The McGinley Center is to the Rose Hill campus what a living room is to a house. But Fordham students, like children in a family who grow up and no longer fit in a space that was once considered sufficient for them, are coming together to say it is about time for an upgrade. An online petition is circulating around campus, urging Fordham to prioritize a reconstruction of the current McGinley Center as its next capital project...

University Support of Minority Students Should Not Limit Itself to February

University Support of Minority Students Should Not Limit Itself to February

February 7, 2018

By the Editorial Board This February, Fordham joins the national conversation in celebrating Black History Month with on-campus programming at both Rose Hill and Lincoln Center. The Office of Multic...

Research Positions Are Worth Pursuing

January 31, 2018

Ask a fellow Ram about his or her involvement this semester, and you may hear the following response: “I’m doing research with my professor.” That answer – equal parts impressive and intriguing – often elicits even more questions from the person on the receiving end. Perhaps a simple “how can I get involved” stands at the forefront of follow-up inquiries. Given that Fordham held its research reception...

Informing for a Century: 100 Years of Journalism at Fordham

January 24, 2018

One-hundred years ago, Fordham University was a drastically different place than it is today. Enrollment was at 320 students, tuition cost less than a current meal plan and women were unable to take classes at the Rose Hill campus (until 1974). But one way that students and faculty receive their information has remained the same, uniting the countless events that have transpired throughout the past century: The Fordham...

Editorial: Volume 99 In Review

Editorial: Volume 99 In Review

December 6, 2017

The Fordham Ram As Volume 99 comes to a close, we at The Fordham Ram reflect on this past calendar year and situations we have encountered as student journalists at this institution and how the nature of jou...

No Taxation Without Reformation

No Taxation Without Reformation

November 29, 2017

  In recent weeks, there have been several decisions made by the U.S. government that we at The Fordham Ram deem important to comprehend. The GOP tax plan, introduced in early November, is one...

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