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Re-election Raises Questions

November 7, 2012

By CONOR FUCCI COLUMNIST The results are in, and Barack Obama has been elected to four more years as President of the United States. As was expected, it was the extremely tight races in the “battleground” states that ended up deciding the election. Obama will now be given the opportunity to serve...

Obama Out-Debates Romney

October 24, 2012

By CONOR FUCCI COLUMNIST Now that Oct. 16’s debate has ended, the 2012 election season moves into its final stage. Most polls place the two candidates in a statistical dead heat. To get a good idea of how the race is shaping up, one should note the energy and solid content of the Oct. 16 debate. The...

Affirmative Action Must Go

October 24, 2012

By JOHN P. CASTONGUAY COLUMNIST Affirmative action has once again found its way into the national spotlight. On Oct. 10, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas (2012).  Abigail Noel Fisher sued the University of Texas at Austin after her application for...

Editorial: Gun Control Ignored by Candidates

October 24, 2012

By The Editorial Board Through three presidential debates and one vice-presidential sparring match, the candidates have talked about issues ranging from North Mali to Big Bird and other assorted “malarkey.” Yet, we at The Ram feel that one very serious issue has been neglected by both tickets: gu...

Romney Has Privacy Problem

October 2, 2012

By JOHN P. CASTONGUAY  COLUMNIST This week has been particularly difficult for the Romney campaign. Romney continued to fall behind in nationwide polls; Pew Research has him trailing Obama by 7 percentage points. In swing states, the picture is similarly bleak. Currently, CNN projects that Obama...

Candidates Cannot Hide

October 2, 2012

By CONOR FUCCI COLUMNIST Since the start of the 2012 election cycle, Mitt Romney has been plagued by issues of personal privacy. When a person decides that he or she wants to be the president of the United States, there are some “rights” that will have to be surrendered; it just so happens that...

Letter: Faith and Values

Julian wong/The Ram Fordham will be receiving a main chapel of the Saint Ignatius Retreat House

October 2, 2012

Dear Editor, The article “Catholic Candidates Differ in Interpretation of Faith” (V. 94, i. 14) leaves readers with the notion that the faithful can choose from a menu of ideologies and still remain in the Church. American culture values individual expression and free thought, and opinions are encouraged....

From the Desk of Canton Winer, Assistant Opinion Editor

From the Desk of Canton Winer, Assistant Opinion Editor

September 19, 2012

By CANTON WINER ASSISTANT OPINIONS EDITOR I often wish that people would be more like Key West. No, I don’t mean that I want to see more sunburned, overweight cruise ship-goers lounging under coconut palms while sipping on tequila sunrises from a mermaid-shaped souvenir bottle. Mostly, I just want people to embrace the weir...

‘Nuns on the Bus’ Leader Captures True Catholic Spirit

Sister Simone Campbell, the face of the “Nuns on the Bus,” spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 5.

September 12, 2012

By CANTON WINER ASSISTANT OPINION EDITOR Most politically-attentive Catholics are undoubtedly aware that Cardinal Timothy Dolan delivered the closing benediction at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Most Catholics, however, have probably not heard of Sister Simone Campbell, the face of t...

Bishops Rightly Criticize Ryan’s Budget Proposal

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has denounced Paul Ryan’s proposed budget in a series of letters. (Photo by Zia Nizami/MCT Campus)

April 25, 2012

By CANTON WINER ASSISTANT OPINIONS EDITOR The messages of caring for the needy and loving the poor within the Bible seem to have been lost on Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and replaced with messages of tax breaks for the rich and oil subsidies. Maybe that explains why the ...

NYPD Threatens Students’ Liberties

NYPD Threatens Students’ Liberties

March 21, 2012

By CANTON WINER ASSISTANT OPINIONS EDITOR While the United States military diligently searches for terrorists in the rugged mountains separating Afghanistan and Pakistan, the New York Police Department is conducting its own search for potential terrorists in an only slightly less menacing location: ...

Campus Ministry Donation Sparks Controversy

Campus Ministry received letters of complaint about the Feb. 26 mass collections. (Photo by Kate Doheny/The Ram)

March 7, 2012

By CANTON WINER ASSISTANT OPINIONS EDITOR The world is a dangerous place for sheep. Though they may seem simple, dull animals, sheep continually face increasing danger in an ever more complex and scary world. Startle one of them and the whole herd will mindlessly stampede off a cliff, not realizing...

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