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In today's MLB, even the most unlikely players can pad their bank accounts beyond belief. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Overtime: On Hill and Melancon

December 7, 2016

By Sam Belden  While the MLB hot stove is burning bright, some of the biggest baseball news to come out of this week had absolutely nothing to do with the current crop of free agents. According to multi...

Tim Raines is one of several players with a chance to clear the 75 percent threshold for induction this year. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Staff Hall of Fame Ballots

December 7, 2016

By The Fordham Ram Sports Staff Every year, members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America pay their respects to the legends of the game by voting them into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. This year, Th...

Signed as a 40-year-old, Bartolo Colon became a fan favorite for the Mets. (Courtesy of Wikimedia).

Overtime: On Bartolo Colon

November 16, 2016

By Jack McLoone As someone who is infatuated with baseball at its most ludicrous, Bartolo Colon represents to me the pinnacle of human achievement. A listed 285 pounds of man continuing to throw a mid-8...

After four solid seasons with the Blue Jays, R.A. Dickey is on his way to the Atlanta Braves. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

What’s Going on in Atlanta?

November 16, 2016

By Sam Belden  This year’s World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians was nothing short of an instant classic — simply put, you couldn’t have scripted it any better. But now that ...

The Best World Series Ever?

November 9, 2016

By Peter Valentino Last Wednesday, 40 million people tuned in to watch what many are describing as the greatest baseball game ever, as the Chicago Cubs ended their 108 year championship drought to the Clev...

Mets GM Sandy Alderson will have his work cut out for him trying to plug the hole at second base. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Another Chance for Alderson

November 9, 2016

By Sam Belden  Everyone loves a good redemption story, but sometimes the real world has different plans. In life, second chances are rare. In baseball, they’re even rarer. But while the pursuit of perf...

Starting pitcher Jon Lester was a big reason for the Cubs' success this season. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Cause for Celebration in Chi-Town

November 9, 2016

By Matthew Michaels  Misery does not endure eternally. If you want proof, talk to a Cubs fan. Chicago’s lovable losers became America’s heartthrob, and with their backs against the wall, the Cubs did not...

Cubs manager Joe Maddon won his first World Series title this year. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

The Cubs Have Ruined Baseball

November 9, 2016

By Jack McLoone  Well everyone, it’s been fun. Time to pack it all up. The Cubs have won their first World Series since 1908, and baseball as we know it is through. Teaching baseball to a young kid for...

Chief Wahoo is being phased out of professional baseball, but it is time to completely purge the MLB of the racist image. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Retiring MLB’s Racist Caricature of Chief Wahoo

November 9, 2016

By Matthew Michaels  Major League Baseball was on full display, as a tension-filled and exciting playoffs culminated in a dramatic win for the Chicago Cubs over the Cleveland Indians in a World Series that went on for a full seven ga...

Trevor Bauer may be strange, but he is having a great post season. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

The Ballad of Trevor Bauer

November 2, 2016

By Jack McLoone We all thought Tim Lincecum was as weird as it could get. His height, flowing locks and “Wow, that shouldn’t work” delivery mystified all of us, and he earned the nickname “Freak”. But jus...

Time to Forgive Steve Bartman

October 26, 2016

By Matthew Michaels Sports fans understand the thrill of victory, the elusive and fleeting feeling that comes when the team you support comes out victorious. In sports, only one feeling is more intense ...

Noah Syndergaard is just one of the young players helping to revitalize baseball's image. (Courtesy of Wikimedia).

Baseball is More Alive Than Ever

October 26, 2016

By Peter Valentino There has been a long-standing rumor that baseball is a “dying sport” and that rumor has had some credibility in the past. Pitching dominated the sport from the late 90s up until last year, and...

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