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Corey Kluber and the Cleveland Indians will have home field advantage to start the World Series. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Time to Reward the Best

October 26, 2016

By Drew Casey  As the 2016 World Series continues, it’s time to change the way home field advantage is determined for the annual Fall Classic. Despite dominating the early rounds of this year’s playo...

Francisco Lindor has been a big reason for the Indians' success this season. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Two Spectacular Shortstops

October 26, 2016

By Sam Belden  The World Series gets underway this week, and the degree to which the two combatant teams resemble each other is remarkable. Both represent Midwestern cities. Both will be fighting to raise th...

Theo Epstein is the architect of the modern Chicago Cubs, one of the top franchises in baseball. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

A Cubs-Indians World Series is Destiny

October 19, 2016

By Peter Valentino No matter what happens from here on out, the World Series will be entertaining. None of the four remaining teams have won a title in at least 23 years, and the last time one of these teams made the Wor...

Long Gone: Papi Walks Off

October 19, 2016

By Brendan O'Connell After being swept by the Cleveland Indians last week in the American League Divisional Series, the Boston Red Sox’s turnaround season came to a screeching halt. Though the best offense in baseball c...

Zack Wheeler's return was expected to be a major storyline in 2016, but he has remained sidelined due to injury. (Courtesy of Wikimedia).

What We Forgot

October 19, 2016

By Jack McLoone In the Major League Baseball season, there are two separate yet equally important types of storylines: the pre-and-early season ones, which dominate the first few months, and the ones that cl...

The 1921 Yankees shared New York with the Dodgers and Giants, teams that have since moved to California. (Courtesy of Wikimedia).

Review: “The Old Ball Game”

October 19, 2016

By Sam Belden Located in a dimly lit hallway in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s American Wing, “The Old Ball Game” is small in size but epic in scope. The exhibition, comprised mostly of small vintage bas...

Terry Francona is on the verge of reaching his fourth World Series as a manager. (

Overtime: On Tito and Theo

October 19, 2016

By Pat Costello The 2004 Boston Red Sox miraculous post-season run culminated with an 86-year-old, curse-breaking World Series victory. Due to the nature of the situation, many people tend to forget just ...

Terry Collins may be the NL Manager of the Year. (Courtesy of Wikimedia).

How Good is Terry Collins

October 5, 2016

By Peter Valentino Should Terry Collins win manager of the year this season? While Collins doesn’t have the rings to show for it, he has managed to take his team from the bottom of the barrel to the ...

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

October 5, 2016

By Pat Costello The MLB postseason delivers iconic moments every year, some so important they live on in baseball lore for generations. However, one moment was so important and shocking that it shares a name...

Rookie catcher Gary Sanchez was outstanding in the second half, blasting 20 home runs in just 53 games. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Yankees Season in Review

October 5, 2016

By Drew Casey Without a 28th World Series title, it’s easy to say the 2016 Yankees season was not a success. Despite the disappointment of failing to make the playoffs for the third time in four seasons, 2016 was,...

Pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident during the wee hours of Sunday morning. (Courtesy of Wikimedia).

Remembering Jose Fernandez

September 28, 2016

By Jack McLoone No one had more fun playing baseball than Jose Fernandez. That I just used “had” to talk about a 24-year old is the saddest thing I have ever had to write. When writing about any hot bu...

Jose Fernandez was spectacular in his brief MLB career, posting a 2.58 ERA and 589 strikeouts in fewer than 500 innings. (Courtesy of Wikimedia)

Overtime: On Jose Fernandez

September 28, 2016

By Jack McLoone No one had more fun playing baseball than Jose Fernandez. The fact that I just used “had” to talk about a 24-year old is the saddest thing I have ever had to write. When writing about any h...

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