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Lack of Birth Control Mandates Parental Resources

Lack of Birth Control Mandates Parental Resources

February 12, 2014

By EMILY PANDISE CONTRIBUTING WRITER While Fordham upholds Catholic values by refusing to provide contraception to students and prohibiting sex on campus, it also fails  to provide adequate support for student parents....

Prescribe Fordham! Provides Students With Birth Control Prescriptions and Health Education

November 7, 2012

By CHRISTIAN ANDREWS CONTRIBUTING WRITER What is birth control, and what is sexual contraception? These are two basic definitions that have eluded conversation at this University for quite some time and should further be explored. Luckily enough, I had the opportunity to learn more about this topic at the Fordham Law Students for Reproductive Justice's (FLSRJ) 2nd Annual Prescribe Fordham!  Birth Control Clinic and Sexua...

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