The Fordham Ram

 Makenna Masterson, has started her own Fordham fashion line.  (Makenna Masterson For The Fordham Ram)

Fordham Senior Fashions a Name for Herself

February 20, 2019

Although Chicken Over Rice’s website only launched on Feb. 2, 2018, Masterson’s talent in marketing has helped the brand become well established through its social media and online presence.

Will Gender-Neutral Clothing Break into the Mainstream?

Will Gender-Neutral Clothing Break into the Mainstream?

April 22, 2015

By Megan Bronner Societal expectations often emphasize the difference between genders, suggesting that people should portray their genders via certain professions, mannerisms and clothing. However, in recent years, popu...

The Seersucker: Figuring out Spring Fashion

April 3, 2013

By KEVIN ZEBROSKI Spring is here and we can all lighten up. In honor of the recent seasonal developments I’ve decided to switch up the format into question and answer. Q: Most of the clothes I own are what you might call winter style. Everything is on the darker side, mostly blacks and grays. What should my first step into spring be if I am starting from zero? A: Well, the problem with only owning darker shades is that w...

The Taxonomy of Suits

January 23, 2013

By KEVIN ZEBROWSKI The taxonomy of suits is not terribly complicated, but there are certainly a few necessary distinctions that need to be made. For the sake of my word count constraints I will explain the categories of color, patterns, and fabrics in next week’s column. Today we’re talking about shapes. Suits can either be canvassed, half-canvassed, or fused. Suits can be single breasted or double breasted. The lapels of th...

The Seersucker: Navigating the World of Sportswear

November 28, 2012

By KEVIN ZEBROWSKI The Seersucker provides a wealth of knowledge on sartorial fundamentals, contemporary male fashion and the mastery of personal style. Sportswear isn’t a terribly complicated affair. The goal is to mix wearable classics with the functionality of modern conveniences. Too much modern gear may invite jokes about corporate sponsorship, and forgoing modernity completely may leave you weighed down in a swe...

James Bond: Style Icon

November 14, 2012

By KEVIN ZEBROWSKI   James Bond is a style icon, and with the recent release of Skyfall we have all been reminded of this. Ian Fleming described the original James Bond wardrobe most concisely in The Man with the Golden Gun, wherein Bond wears a “single-breasted dark blue suit, a white shirt, a thick knitted tie” — one of my own favorite articles and “black casual” shoes. Bond’s tailoring was presumably ...

The Seersucker: The Uncertain Purpose of Ties

October 24, 2012

By KEVIN ZEBROSKI The Seersucker provides a wealth of knowledge on sartorial fundamentals, contemporary male fashion and the mastery of personal style. The tie is an interesting piece of clothing. It serves no obvious purpose. It doesn’t keep the wearer warm, hold together a placket shirt or cinch the waist like a belt. It doesn’t even conceal a flask. The tie, nonetheless, is a unique article of clothing, and as forma...

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