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While Most Go Out, Some Stay Behind … And Wait

November 27, 2012

By CONNOR RYAN It was right before midnight on a brisk Friday night. The crew had just gotten back to campus after a quick trip to the nearby 7-Eleven for chips and soda -- a convenient and fulfilling sustenance, they say . The three students on duty then simultaneously received a call, from a dispatcher in the Office of Safety and Security, as they walked through the door of the Fordham University Emergency Medical Se...

Benefit Concert Raises Over $3,200 for Sandy Victims

November 15, 2012

RHA, CAB and USG Host Concert; 14 Musical Acts Perform in the McGinley Center By CONNOR RYAN NEWS EDITOR Sound Out Sandy (SOS), Thursday night's benefit concert hosted by Fordham's Residence Halls Association (RHA), Campus Activities Board (CAB) and United Student Government (USG), raised just over $3,200 to support the many local victims of Hurricane Sandy. The money will be donated through Fordham's Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. The Satin Doll...

Rodgers to Students: Stay Indoors, Voice Concerns to Hall Staff or Security

October 29, 2012

By CONNOR RYAN & RICKY BORDELON As the brunt of Hurricane Sandy nears Rose Hill’s campus, Chris Rodgers, Rose Hill’s dean of students, is urging for students to stay indoors and immediately communicate concerns or incidents to hall staff members or Fordham’s Office of Security (718) 817-2222. “Several administrators from all areas of the University met in what is called the ‘Emergency Management Team’ on Frida...

Update: Worst is Expected to Hit Campus Tonight

October 29, 2012

Parents Ask About Food Supplies, Students Mostly Stay in Residence Halls By CONNOR RYAN NEWS EDITOR Aside from students quickly commuting between residence halls and the McGinley Center’s Marketplace for a quick meal, Rose Hill’s campus is empty as conditions slowly begin to worsen. The worst of the storm for the Bronx area will come tonight, says the National Weather Service. Heavy rain is a near certainty and winds...

Dining Out: El Tequilazo

October 24, 2012

By CONNOR RYAN NEWS EDITOR The dilapidating façade of El Tequilazo (43 W. 46th St.), stuffed helplessly in the middle of an airtight block of washed-up restaurants and stores, will not catch your eye from the sidewalk. To compensate, three neon signs hang off the front of the cluttered building (but the biggest of the three has almost completely failed, making it ironically difficult to identify the place upon...

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