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Women’s Squash Hosts First Ever Match

February 14, 2013

By MAX PRINZ Fordham hosted NYU for the first women's squash match in Fordham history, this past Sunday. Six Fordham young women competed in what could become the newest addition to Fordham Athletics. The Fordham women's basketball team is having its best season in school history. The softball team is coming off of a 32 win season, including 14 wins in the A-10 conference. The women's tennis team finished last year wit...

Fordham Squash Defeats Rival Vassar

February 6, 2013

By MAX PRINZ ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR This past weekend, the Fordham Men’s Squash team picked up three wins, including a dominant performance against rival Vassar, to improve to 6-9 on the year. Fordham knocked off Vassar for the second time this year, completing the season sweep of its rival. “Two wins in a season against them is great. They’re definitely our rivals. The coach there I’ve known for years and years,...

Overtime: On Owen Groesser

February 6, 2013

By MAX PRINZ ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR There will always be an argument that sports do not matter. It is true; sports make few important contributions to society. Millions upon millions of dollars get thrown at special athlete after special athlete, while teachers, doctors and police officers struggle to make ends meet. Hero after hero gets taken down; many are exposed as users of performance enhancing drugs.  Numerous at...

The Ram’s Super Bowl Predictions

January 30, 2013

BY DAN GARTLAND EXECUTIVE SPORTS EDITOR The Ravens’ defense has been so good for so long that it’s hard to imagine Baltimore being anything other than an immovable force on the defensive side. But this year the Ravens are a thoroughly average defensive team — 17th in the league against the pass and 20th against the rush. What do the 49ers do? Run the ball — well. San Francisco had the fourth-most rushing yards in...

Senior Profile: Jack O’Brien

January 25, 2013

By MAX PRINZ ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR [youtube] Jack O’Brien has been a key member of the squash team here at Fordham. He has been an important player, racking up two #3 slot wins last season and leading the team from the #1 slot this year.  O’Brien is from Chicago, Illinois, and was also a member of his varsity basketball team in high school. The Fordham Ram: What made you...

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