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Former Vice President Biden has been accused of acting inappropraitely with women, but should still enter the race. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Biden Should Not be Kept from the 2020 Presidential Race

April 10, 2019

To assume these allegations will cripple his potential campaign would be a real error for opponents of Biden within the party to make.

Kamala Harris, along with other presidential candidates, should reconsider starting their campaigns so far out from 2020. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Presidential Campaigns Must Be Shorter

February 6, 2019

All I can do is implore you to ignore this most boring of reality shows until October. Don’t attend campaign events or click on articles about it.

#WalkAway founder, Brandon Straka aims to increase awareness, but devout Democrats should not be worried. (Courtesy of Facebook)

The #Walkaway Movement Won’t Gain Much Ground

November 7, 2018

This is called the #WalkAway movement, a group of Democrats who are switching over to the Republican Party due to an alleged shift toward socialism on the part of the Democratic Party.

Michelle Obama running for the 2020 presidential election would hurt her image a lot more than help it (Courtesy of Facebook).

Stay Popular, Michelle Obama, Don’t Run in 2020

October 3, 2018

By Ned Sheehan Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s 10-city tour to promote her upcoming memoir “Becoming” has become a sensation. Far from the subdued gatherings that one might assume make up a normal book tour, Obam...

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