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Hannaford said he wants his research to be accessible for other students. (Courtesy of Sean Hannaford)

Junior Researches Quantum Chromodynamics

April 1, 2020

Sean Hannaford uses the computer programming language, Python, in his quantum chromodynamics research.

For Bhutada, pictured above, working in the lab equips him with practical skills he will need as he pursues a career as a doctor. (Courtesy of Arnav Bhutada)

Sophomore Researches Soil Composition of Trees

March 11, 2020

Arnav Bhutada, FCRH ’22, is researching the soil compositions of different types of trees and how the trees interact with their microbiota in the soil.

Rachel Molina, who is working on this project alone,  said she initially struggled but gradually got used to the work. (Courtesy of Rachel Molina)

Fordham Senior Studies Protein Interactions

March 4, 2020

Rachel Molina, FCRH ’20, prefers to spend her time focusing on the small things. She works in a lab on campus under Qize Wei, Ph.D. analyzing protein interactions in cells.

Elizabeth Wood, FCRH ‘20, is working on a project about neural development and protein degradation in mice. (Courtesy of Elizabeth  Wood)

Senior Researches Neural Stem Cells in Mice

February 12, 2020

The human brain is still a mystery in many ways. Elizabeth Wood, FCRH ’20, is up to the challenge of solving it. Her work in the lab run by Tiago Goncalves, Ph.D. at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine focuses primarily on the growth and function of adult born neurons.

Gregory Hopp FCRH '21 is doing Research while studying abroad in Jordan

Student Researches Tribal Law in the Middle East

November 20, 2019

Gregory Hopp is researching tribal law in the Middle East, while studying abroad in Jordan.

Junior Studies Controversial Music From the 15th Century

Junior Studies Controversial Music From the 15th Century

November 13, 2019

Intrigued by a class discussion in his History of Music class with Professor Eric Bianchi, Jack McClatchy, FCRH ’21, decided to research colonial Latin American music from the Baroque period (1600–1750).

Bryce Allen is researching the connection between social media and personality traits for his senior honors thesis.

Senior Researches Social Media’s Impact on Personalities

November 6, 2019

Bryce Allen is in the process of completing psychology research for his senior honors thesis. His project is about the effect social media has on people's personalities.

Rachel Daso provided a research update to her lab group titled

Nano-Medicine and Technology Lab Seeks to Heal Neural Cells

October 30, 2019

Whether through trauma, disease or tissue damage the loss of neural cells in the brain is nearly impossible to reverse but that is what Rachel Daso, FCRH ’21, Margaret Whalen, FCRH ’21 and Dr. Ipsita Banerjee, Ph.D. are trying to do in their bio-nanotechnology and nano-medicine lab.

Nora Thomas is researching diagnosis and treatment of illnesses based on gender in the 19th century

Junior Researches Links Between Mental and Reproductive Health

October 9, 2019

Over the course of the summer Thomas’s research evolved into a more formal question. "Why did 19th century physicians create a disease analogous to hysteria but without the derogatory connotations (i.e. femaleness).”

Jason Dufour presented his psychology research at last year's Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Student Researches Factors Impacting College Transitions

October 1, 2019

Jason Dufour is researching the effects that rumination, sleep, social support, and perceived stress have on student's transitions to college.

Jenna Koury researched the NYC housing system in the Bronx. (Courtesy of Jenna Koury)

Student Researches New York City Housing System

September 24, 2019

Jenna Koury spent the summer putting together a packet that explained the NYC housing voucher system.

Christian Decker researched trends in political party growth over the last one hundred years. (Courtesy of Christian Decker)

Student Researches Trends in Political Party Building

September 17, 2019

Christian Decker, FCRH ’21, researches changes in the Democratic National Committee, and the party overall.

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