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Andrew Parsons, FCRH ‘21 interns at St Barnabas Hospital.

Junior Takes Medical Passions to St. Barnabas

November 13, 2019

This past summer, while most Juniors in college were sleeping in Andrew Parsons, FCRH ’21 was up before the sun at Saint Barnabas Hospital helping change the lives of its neurosurgery patients. Over...

30-year-old John Verrier’s death  in the St. Barnabas waiting room went unnoticed by hospital staff for an entire night. (Photo Courtesy of Flickr)

Waiting Room Death Calls Attention to Complaints

February 12, 2014

By KATIE MEYER & GIRISH SWAMINATH NEWS EDITOR AND STAFF WRITER Sitting quietly in one of the St. Barnabas Hospital’s many waiting rooms, amid the usual bustle of a hospital in full swing, 73-year-old Gustavo waited patiently for his turn to get bloo...

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