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Vornado Space Heater Review: Our In-Depth Look at the brand

When your chilled and frozen toes require relaxing warmth of heat, and that too quickly, your search for a heater, Right! Electric space heaters can produce heat in just a few seconds, and the heater is available in different sizes and at an affordable price.

If you search for a heater with high efficiency and high performance, you should look for a Vornado space heater. The heater is also famous among industry experts due to its speed and quick power of heating. If there is a need to warm a large room, a Vornado heater is the best option.

Now, you might think that what is Vornado! Let us discuss it in detail.

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

Vornado, a brand that has manufactured products that have been used in the industry for some time. The fan of Vornado was manufactured in 1945, which has helped in changing the fan industry.

From then onwards, it is taking advantage of recent technology and preparing for the most advanced technology. The product comes in the form of space heaters, air purifiers, fans, and fabric steamers. But the question arises – why only Vornado space heaters are suitable? Will Vornado be able to stand up to the customer’s expectations? So many questions pop up in the mind of customers. To remove these questions, you need to know about the product.

Quick review

Vornado MVH space heater is purely designed for raising the temperature of rooms ranging from small to medium ones. The settings of the Vornado MVH space heater are easily understandable. Some basic features of a Vornado space heater are essential for you to know, as those features will give you an idea.

The heater consists of 3 heat settings, the lower one consumes 750 watts, and the higher one consumes 1500 watts. It can heat 180 square feet, the heater’s size is 9.2×10.4×10.6 inches, the weight of the Vornado space heater is less than 4 pounds. The heater gives a 5-year warranty.

Besides these features, the heater is subjected to pros and cons. With its pros and cons, it would be easy for you to decide whether it is good or not.


  • The heater is safe as it consists of auto safety measures.
  • The design of the heater is in-built but easy to understand.
  • The heater can be carried and handled efficiently.
  • It can be easily cleaned, and it is the main point.
  • It consists of 3 heat output settings.
  • The weight of the heater is light, so easy to hold.


  • They have not trained adequately for heating large rooms.
  • Manual adjustment is needed for the thermostat.
  • The main drawback of this heater is it is manufactured for US voltage.

Vornado Heater Controls and Operations

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater Box

One thing about the Vornado space heater is its design, which is loved by people. And yes, the controls are also basic ones. The heater might not be useful for technology people, but it is magic for ordinary people.

The whole control system is situated on the top side, helping you access the buttons quickly. If you want to check the device’s functioning, you need to turn on the LED indicator. If the indicator turns red, it means the device is functioning correctly. So, no need to worry about the functioning property.

You can even select the heat output according to your comfort. Isn’t it great? Do the heat upsetting on low, medium, or high. It is up to you. The control of the Vornado space heater is in the hands of the customer.

Safety Measures

When you choose a heater or any electrical appliance, your eyes go on its safety measures. Is the appliance safe or not? So, it is sure before choosing a Vornado space heater. Also, this comes to mind. In the past years, when space heaters first arrived, they were a constant safety hazard, but as the technology is enhanced, the safety measures are also evolved.

The small size of the heater does not matter now, as it has many safety features. It is just like a small packet with many uses! Let us know about the safety measures.

  • The Vornado MVH space heater consists of an external casing, which is cool. External causes are important because it just takes a second to get a burn on your finger, especially for children. External cases are being designed keeping in mind the safety of children.
  • The heater’s front panel is designed with a fan that does not allow children to poke their fingers inside the unit. How much the child tries to poke their finger inside will not go through the bars.
  • It is natural for the parts of the heater to get warm. If the parts heat up too much, then the heater will shut down automatically.

Cleaning of A Space Heater

Since the Vornado space heater has an internal fan, it works on air circulation inside the room only. Do you know what it means? If not, then you will know when you go through the article.

By this means, it is necessary to clean the heater regularly every week. This cleaning will provide you with clean breathing air, and there will be no destruction of the unit because of waste accumulation.

But, before cleaning, make sure that the heat is off mode. You can use a brush for cleaning the device, and when you are done with the brush cleaning, then use a dry cloth for wiping.

If you want more promising results, you can use pressurized air for cleaning and for removing the waste that accumulates in the heater.

This will result in a long lifespan of the motor. It is necessary to get rid of waste and harmful bacteria, leading to a foul smell.


There will be no more shivering of your body due to the cold, as the Vornado MVH space heater will vanish, you are shivering. It is best for small and medium-sized rooms as the hot air will circulate in the room.

The central point to the notice of the Vornado MVH space heater is that – it works silently in the background, and you can work without getting disturbed and can even enjoy your favorite movie.

During the review of the space heater, many useful features came up. The space heaters are very much serious about customers’ safety, so they designed the heater in such a way that no harm can be caused to the customers. Space heaters are perfect for small rooms, especially Vornado MVH space heaters.

So, what are you waiting for? Head towards space heaters, it will be suitable for the people. No heater will have an auto shut down feature, but a Vornado space heater has. Everyone wants this feature, so people do not need to turn it off in between their work.

A space heater will also consume less energy than other heaters. It can be used with a home heating system and helps in saving your money. Space heater has now become an energy-saving unit. Vornado space heater is one of the brands of space heaters giving great air solutions for some time.

Proper cleaning is required to get rid of foul smell from being circulated in the room. The unit of this heater does not get damaged using a brush. If you go and check the reviews of people, then only positive experiences are gained.

This heater contains a good rating. If you like the Vornado space heater, give it a try and prefer your near and dear ones. With a portable and affordable heater, you will feel warm and toasty with the help of a Vornado MVH space heater.

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