Nevin Kulangara and Sarah Skrobala: A Message from the Candidates

Dear Friends,

With elections coming up and flyers from both executive tickets covering our campus, many of you may be struggling to decide who to vote for and whether your vote will make a difference. Through all the noise of the election season, we encourage you to keep three things in mind when casting your vote: experience, balance and specificity.

The candidates say that the practical nature of their platform is a major strength. (Courtesy of

The candidates say that the practical nature of their platform is a major strength. (Courtesy of

We have a combined five years of experience on United Student Government, serving as elected representatives on both the Senate and Executive Board. We have also been active members of several USG committees, such as the Deans’ Councils and the Budget Committee. With this experience comes an important advantage: the ability to hit the ground running with our platform. We have developed invaluable relationships with both administrators and students during our time on USG, that will help us tremendously in our effort to advocate for our fellow students.

We are also the only ticket to represent both Fordham College Rose Hill and the Gabelli School of Business. Students from these two schools have their own distinct concerns and fears, so it is vital that the executive ticket has experienced each of these academic settings. We have also worked extensively on both academic and student life initiatives, which will help us serve all students if elected.

Finally, we have compiled a list of platform items that are both actionable and feasible. Through our experience on student government, we understand the importance of balancing practicality and effectiveness. If you believe that student-run businesses should be allowed to operate on campus, that more buildings on campus should be handicap-accessible and that there should be more interaction between Fordham students and their Bronx community, we encourage you to consider our ticket.

We are two candidates that love Fordham and want to see our university reach new heights. If elected, we will devote our term to making United Student Government more present, accountable and driven to ignite positive change on our campus.

Best regards,

Nevin Kulangara & Sarah Skrobala


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