Tochi Mgbenwelu and Anisah Assim: A Message from the Candidates

Dear Fordham family,

We are humbled to be running on the executive ticket as president and vice president of United Student Government. With the basis of our vision rising off of our campaign slogan, “Bridging the gap between USG and the student body,” we truly embody this to the fullest. Tochi, FCRH ’15, is an extremely active member of the student body, representing the upperclassmen, club leaders, international students and members of the Fordham community who aren’t constituents of USG but want to see the gap between the two closed. Anisah, FCRH ’16, currently serves on USG and has  been an active member of the organization for the past two years, passing initiatives and founding committees.

Mgbenwelu and Assim met through USG, and name passion among their assets. (Courtesy of Andrew Maitner)

Mgbenwelu and Assim met through USG, and name passion among their assets. (Courtesy of Andrew Maitner)

USG is an exceptional organization bursting with ideas and proposals. We have the potential to achieve great change here on campus. Students often feel that the administration is not receptive to their ideas. We know that this is not true. We are undeterred from pursuing tough fights like free speech. We have a plan and we are ready to spring into action. We want to be here to stand up for the rights of students as they view them. We are ready to organize for the implementation of large scale change on campus.

The essence of our platform is to be a welcoming template for suggestions and proposals in addition to our vision and ideas. It started off as a lengthy list of notions and actions which we decided needed to be prioritized and revisited in order to be realistic and more open to change. It has since then grown with the suggestions of concerned students. We have posted an updated version of this platform on our website,

We are two passionate, eligible, hardworking individuals who genuinely care for Fordham. If elected, we promise to prove this by making it clear that leadership is a lot more than a title, but the actions that come with it.


Warm regards and many thanks,

Tochi Mgbenwelu and Anisah Assim


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