Letter to the Voters from USG Executives

Dear Voters,

As our term comes to an end, we cannot help but reflect on our experience with United Student Government (USG) as well as look forward to the influence the incoming administration will have on its future. Being elected onto USG, whether as a freshman senator or the Executive President, comes with great responsibility and honor. The validation of winning an election through the support of peers is a feeling unmatched by any other experience on a college campus—a feeling that will fuel the proceeding efforts USG puts into their term consistently dedicated to “leaving Fordham better than we found it.”

This year, USG began the academic year strong with a successful campaign to raise the student activities fee which increased funding available to clubs by about $60,000. The term continued with initiatives pursued by senators and executive board members, such as encouraging the sustainable switch of the Panda Express containers from Styrofoam to compostable material and streamlining the study abroad course approval process. USG also partook in organization-wide initiatives, such as holding Town Halls with important administrators such as VP of Security John Carroll and VP of Facilities Marco Valera, passing a statement of support for pursuing Fair Trade certification, and co-programming with the Coalition for Change. Still, the work of USG is not finished; many initiatives are currently in-progress, such as lengthening the add-drop period, establishing Fordham Student Holdings, and exploring possible improvements to the sexual assault reporting process. It is ever important the student body actively participates in the election of the incoming administration because those elected will be the driving force behind these and additional efforts.

As the outgoing Executive Ticket, we would like to formally endorse Nevin Kulangara and Sarah Skorbala for the Executive Ticket of the 2014-2015 USG term. Nevin and Sarah have tactfully exemplified their experience through their platform, which outlines specific action steps they plan to pursue if elected on a wide range of areas of campus life. Likewise, whether you have witnessed their participation in a meeting or you’re watching their undeniably humorous campaign video, their dedication to Fordham is clear and unwavering. We are confident Nevin and Sarah have the ability to lead USG next year with the poise and passion the organization needs to effectively serve the student body.

Regardless of your involvement on campus, what college you’re in, where you’re from or where you live now, we are all a part of the Fordham Family. As members of this community, we hope you feel compelled to vote on Thursday and Friday so your voice can be heard.

Thank you,

Aileen and Brendan

Executive Ticket, USG 2013-2014


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