Chicken Downsize Prompts Outrage, Petition

Students used to be able to get  five chicken strips for a meal swipe, but now it has been changed to only three. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)

Students used to be able to get five chicken strips for a meal swipe, but now it has been changed to only three. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)

By Robert Frerich & Laura Sanicola

In a move that has shaken the Fordham community, Sodexo at The Grille reduced the number of chicken strips from five to three pieces for a meal exchange swipe. In addition, potato chips serve as the sole option for entrees that previously included the option of fries.

This change has inspired Fordham student Stephen Watts, FCRH ’17, to create a petition asking the university to revert to the beloved option.

On, Watts encourages students to sign by citing several reasons why the recent policy change is unfair. “A bag of chips isn’t worth as much as 2 strips and fries,” Watts states. “Chicken strips are the last bastion of American freedom.”

His petition, which, as of Tuesday night, had reached 60 supporters, needs 100 additional supporters to reach its goal to be sent to Fordham University and Fordham Dining Services.

The petition itself reads, “To Fordham University: Bring back the five chicken strips with fries meal swipe at the Grille. Sincerely, [Your name]”

The average meal swipe ranges from $10.20 to $10.60, depending on which plan a student selected. Many feel that three chicken strips and a bag of chips is not equal to the cost of a swipe.

“Three chicken strips are a snack, not a meal,” said Paul Martin, FCRH ’16. “A meal is five chicken tenders.”

“I can honestly say that I am already hungry and I just finished eating,” said Simek Shropshire, FCRH ’17. She had ordered the three piece chicken tenders and a bag of chips for a meal swipe. “I have plans to sign the petition.”

Many students are equally unhappy with the replacement of fries with a bag of chips, noting that the switch decreases the portion size that they receive.

“The fries that used to be included were much more filling than chips. I eat a bag of chips and I’m still left unsatisfied,” Martin said. “You can’t even compare the two foods.”

“I understand if both the fries and the extra chicken tenders were over budget, but three pieces and fries seem like a happy medium,” said Sarah Burns, FCRH ’17.

On the other hand, some students, including Carolyn Allain, FCRH ’17, do not find the recent change controversial. “The change doesn’t really phase me that much. Three chicken tenders is enough for me to be full,” Allain said. “Now I feel like I’m not wasting chicken tenders.”

The Grille’s meal exchanges currently include the following options: three piece chicken strips with chips, a buffalo chicken wrap with chips, a cheeseburger with chips, a smoothie and a candy bar and a salad with a fountain drink. Fries are no longer available for any of these choices, according to new signs posted at The Grille.

Jack Giacchetti, GSB ’17, feels that this policy, which affects far more than just chicken strips, is unfair.

“From a business perspective the change makes sense. The school gains money if it cuts down the amount of food sold for the same price,” Giacchetti said. “However, I didn’t expect this sort of thing from a Jesuit school. That’s why I signed the petition.”


Robert Frerich and Laura Sanicola are the Assistant Copy Chief and Assistant News Editor for The Fordham Ram. 

There is one comment

  1. Andrew O'Hara

    Maybe Fordham can reduce the number of appearances horse drawn carriages make on campus this year to make up for cost of two extra chicken strips for patrons of The Grille. In any case, I think Fordham needs to spend more $$$ on quality food so we won’t die before we graduate. Five chicken strips or three, I fail to see how fried factory meat from Sodexo (a corporation who continues to cut costs on quality food to increase profits) and fried potatoes in any form are considered a complete and balanced “meal.” Where is the fresh produce/bio-available nutrients? Even Hooter’s is health conscious enough to throw in some celery sticks & bleu cheese dressing with their chicken– and they’re a corporation founded solely on the value of dining with DD’s. Do Jesuit values fall BELOW Hooter’s values? #WWJD #EATMOARCHIKIN #TWINTENDERMASSACRE


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