SAGES, Sexual Misconduct Headline Discussion at First Student Life Council Meeting

By Max Prinz

The Student Life Council held its inaugural meeting of the semester today in the newly renovated Bepler Commons in Faber Hall. The council tabled two of its more popular Executive Board discussion items, Sexual Misconduct Initiatives and the Sex and Gender Equity Safety Student (SAGES) Coalition, for continuation at next month’s meeting.

Condoms attached to informational tags were found by students this weekend. (Samuel Joseph/The Ram)

Condoms attached to informational tags were found by students at President’s Ball.
(Samuel Joseph/The Ram)

The discussions on Sexual Misconduct and SAGES were the easily the two main topics, with several members of the student gallery offering testimony and questions of council members. The Medical Amnesty Policy and the unease of the student population over changes to the RamFit Center were also discussed.

The discussion on SAGES and contraception on campus was the final discussion item on the agenda, but it was the most anticipated. Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Christopher Rodgers attempted to clarify the University’s policy on the distribution of contraceptives on campus. Rodgers reiterated that the distribution of condoms on campus is in violation of the University’s policy on contraceptives. Students are not, however, prohibited from possessing contraception.

Rodgers also said that no investigation was underway to determine the identities of the students behind the SAGES coalition and that he welcomed further discussion with the group.

The discussion on Sexual Misconduct, which preceded the SAGES discussion, began with an update from the United Student Government’s Sexual Assault Task Force. The task force had its first meeting Tuesday night and spoke about several of its goals, chief of which is establishing a center for survivors of sexual assault.

Dean Rodgers shared initiatives related the Campus Assault and Relationship Education (CARE) program and welcomed the conversation about sexual misconduct. Rodgers said he was not troubled by the number of sexual assaults reported on campus, but rather hoped that more assaults would be reported.

Rodgers also led the discussion on the Medical Amnesty Policy, attempting to clarify the confusion surrounding it. He said that no change had occurred in the policy, but that its language had been updated.

USG Executive President Nevin Kulangara gave an update about the RamFit center. He confirmed plans to move new free weights into the old space in the Lombardi Center.

The Student Life Council meets on the final Wednesday of every month, at 2:30p.m. Meetings are always open to the public.

Max Prinz is Sports Editor for the Fordham Ram.


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